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Well, we approach the final hours of 2009 and I thought I might provide you with my own review of the year!

As you grow older, time seems to move faster and so it only seems like yesterday than 2009 opened with the media castigating Israel for moving in to disinfect Hamastan. Looking back on it, this was a reasonably successful operation with hundreds of Hamas killers leaving this planet.  The Irish economy started 2009 in terrible shape and this simply got worse as the year went on. January also brought us the coronation of Obama, with the media throwing off any guise of impartiality and worshipping at his feet. As the year went on, disappointment would replace euphoria as reality intruded into the lovefest with The One. Most importantly, January would be the last one in which I could claim to be a forty-something!

February saw the emergence of the Tea Party movement, to the dismay of the Beltway elite. I was delighted to see this grass roots uprising and expect to see further developments in 2010 as ordinary folk say NOT in our name! The Conservative Party – that which will form the NEXT UK Government in all probability, said that they would like to see a VOLUNTARY coalition at Stormont, to the annoyance of Martin McGuinness. TUV leader Jim Allister had already floated this concept as a route to better government. UK media was abaze with indignation at RBS Chief Exec Sir Fred Goodwin getting a £16m pension after his company lost £24 BILLION! BNP success at a local english by-election sent a shockwave through Labour and this was but a taste of what was to come in the European elections as the pariah party grabbed headlines. Geert Wilders was banned from entering the UK – his crime being to focus on the menace posed by Islam.

Along came March and with it the scandals of the expenses outrage at Westminster. The Daily Telegraph had got the details on how our political elite were scamming us for every penny that they could get. This was to be a defining story of the year as the people got to understand the rapacious greed of many of those who sit in power. The defence was “it was all within the rules” – the “rules” of course, were written by the politicians! Earth Hour arrived this month and we were urged to turn our lights out for an hour. I missed it as I was too busy turning my lights on! Dan Hannan made a great speech in the belly of the beast in Brussels! Obama replaced the “war on terror” with the “Oversea Contingency Operation” – catchy, huh? The government did everything possible to blame the bankers for all our economic woes – a case of shifting the blame. The media was to keep running with this motif for 2009 – “Hang the Bankers” sounded better than “Hang the Politicians.” In Northern Ireland, the “I can’t believe it’s not the IRA” murdered two young soldiers and a PSNI officer in a show of strength and utter depravity.

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  1. I am just amazed that David has posted a review of the year without mentioning "she who shoots wolves"

  2. Colm – She will be his Person/Hunter of the Year feature tommorrow.

    Monica – If the right wing would utilize the truth with more frequency than it would hurt them less.

  3. There are some really brilliant newspapers archived here, They will come up as the actual newspaper, (mostly relating to the troubles in Ballymurphy, absolutely invaluable piece of archiving. the first paper you will see when it comes up is priced at 5d (6d in Eire!). I fully recommend it, the whole site is excellent.

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