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April. It started with Obama showing he could bow lower than any previous US President when in the vicinity of Arab rulers. The limbo-esque quality of his bow raised many eyebrows.  The month also started with revelations concerning the GREED of Northern Ireland politicians and their dedication to enriching themselves at our expense. Hillary Clinton seemed to think Somalian piracy was entertaining and Tamil Tiger sympathisers fouled the streets of London as their terrorist pals were beaten into the ground back in Sri Lanka. Ahmadinejad distinguished himself, once again,  by claiming Israel has been founded “on the pretext of Jewish suffering”. I can think of six millions reasons why that is wrong.

May saw ATW’s exclusive interviews with a BNP and UKIP politicians, thanks to DSD. Meanwhile, there was a televised debate on the BBC between the NI candidates for the European election. Diane Dodds bombed, Jim Allister triumphed. This was a low point for the wretched BBC. Susan Boyle, the reality show singer, was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. The BBC apologised to the British Council of Muslims whilst North Korea showed it’s commitment to world peace by exploding an underground nuke.

And into sunny June.  It started with the last survivor of The Titanic, Millvina Dean, finally going under at the ripe old age of 97. June also brought the Euro elections and we blogged them live. Best result was Jim Allister humiliating the DUP – who had to get his transfers before the Banbridge Banshee, Diane Dodds, scraped in third. The IRA/Sinn Fein candidate topped the poll – the world did not end. The UKIP and BNP scored major victories and Labour were humbled. Peter Mandelson, the man who acted as midwife to the NuLabour project, was brought back into government to help give it a decent burial. Caroline Flint resigned from government. David Letterman shamed himself by making the most vulgar “jokes” about Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol. The Mullahs held an election in Iran and the 12th Imam’s dining pal, Ahmadinejad, won. The legitimacy of the vote was disputed and so began the Green Revolution.

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  1. Well pointed out, Fews. I didn’t see the Koolaid drinkers here chipping away at Bush for his particular style of man-love with the Saudi dictator.

  2. David Letterman shamed himself by making the most vulgar "jokes" about Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol.

    Aye, but then the joke was on him later in the year wasn’t it?

  3. or the british love for iranian oil insurance money:

    How refreshing when the U.S. comes up with an idea that will actually work! The Financial Times is reporting that the U.S. and its allies may place sanctions on companies, such as Munich Re and consortiums like Lloyds of London, that provide insurance for Iran’s oil supply. Such a move might actually bring this rogue nation and its unpopular leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to the bargaining table.

    MMMM Loyds of London insuring Iranian oil

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