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AND so it happened, the curse of the one eyed son of the manse brought down England in Dublin today. The outcome might have been different had old Albion a team capable of keeping all 15 on the pitch. But then again … nahh, I don’t think so either. The boys in green deservedly won a pretty rubbish match all round.

So, something Irish and rocking from the new-fangled iPod thingy –

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7 thoughts on “ATW Saturday Night Jukebox

  1. Mack –

    I know your reference but ‘Albion’ refers to Great Britain or England. In the same way, for the unfortunately unpink parts of the globe, ‘England’ meant ‘Great Britain’ until the mid-20th Century.

    But stuff history, wasn’t Phil Lynott great?

  2. Pete,

    I just realised that you were at the match. As was I! Hope you had a good day out – result close enough but the better team won.

  3. Ah, i completely forgot about the match, and we won! Better luck next time losers 😉

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