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Here’s a wonderful live clip from thirty years ago! I always liked this song since it namechecks the first car I drove – the mighty Vauxhall Viva. If I went over 50mph it shook uncontrollably so my youthful need for speed was kinda limited. Still, it was on the beat...

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  1. Ha! Nothing like socialist workmanship. My first motor was a Viva. My brother was about to scrap it when I passed my test so he gave it to me. What a rip off. I should have had a few quid for taking it off his hands.

    I remember standing on the loud peddle trying to get it to 50mph on the North Circular Road. The thing was shaking like a tumble dryer.

    It was that much of a wreck, the first time I turned up at my then girlfriend’s place her mother wouldn’t let her get in it.

    They don’t make them like that anymore, thankfully.

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