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David, Mahons and I met up at Annie Moore’s Bar and Restaurant by Grand Central last night. It was great conversation, or good craic as you might say.

David ( Sam Adams draft ) and mahons ( 12 oz Bud bottles ) got a head start on me, but I came on strong, starting with Sam ( my favorite big US brew ) and shifting to the black stuff.

David didn’t seem jet lagged at all. The family spent much of Saturday enacting a stimulus package to some of our shops down in Soho. They were to visit Central Park in the morning. They’re at the Cardinals – NY Giants NFL game tonight,  in perfect autumn weather.

Cheers, gents, great seeing you.

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29 thoughts on “ATW Summit at Annie Moore’s

  1. Enjoyed the visit. Let the ATW record reflect that in the photo at least I’ve finally managed to be the one the far right.

  2. Great photo! And what a handsome trio you three make! You all look very manly (and Irish)!

    What did you all talk about, btw?

  3. You can see the clock is at 9:30, two and a half hours into it. David and I lasted until 11ish. Perfect timing – as we left the pub, a taxi was letting someone off, so David just hopped in and went straight back to the hotel.

  4. All kidding aside, I don’t think I’ll spoil any confidences by revealing that most of the conversation was light. Some political stuff, but very little. A bit of travel talk.

    David, a few times, said how really liked the people that meets up here, and that he takes a lot of pride in the fact that it is a uniquely British / American entity that has lasted a long time. Also in the fact that those of vastly different views speak frankly and for the most part get along well despite the straight talk.

  5. Moe, Curly and Larry…..

    Curly I love the shirt got over a half a dozen myself, Larry’s kids must be affecting his hair line, and Moe if your gonna wear red and white stripes like that there ought to be a blue field of stars on the shoulder….

    All in all a cheerful looking bunch I hope you raised a glass of of good Irish whiskey and gave us all a toast, I’m Jealous

  6. I love my Aloha ( Hawaiian ) shirts, and break them out on special occasions.

    Ones like this have the fabric inside out. In Hawaii, almost no one ever wears a shirt and tie, ever – this is dress attire there.

  7. Superb photo!! You all look great. Did the barmaid take it? Or was Annie’s son, Pete, serving that night?
    Who was keeping the minutes?

    I presume the UN building will allot you at least a room, and some offices, for the next larger meeting next year. Next July, Phantom?

  8. shurley some mistake phantom
    "and that he takes a lot of pride in the fact that it is a uniquely British / American entity that has lasted a long time"
    uniquely Irish/American .. ???

    Annie Moore (January 1, 1877 – 1923) was the first immigrant to the United States to pass through the Ellis Island facility in New York Harbor.

    Moore arrived from County Cork, Ireland aboard the steamship Nevada on January 1, 1892, her fifteenth birthday. As the first person to be processed at the newly opened facility, she was presented with an American $10 gold piece.

  9. The photo was taken by beer summit expert President Obama who proved himself a good sport by buying his round even after David mentioned he was looking foward to attending the Palin inauguration in three years time.

  10. The photo was taken by one of the customers who was happy to accomodate.

    It’s funny how photos work – sometimes you take five or six and none are any good. This guy took two – one that was OK, but had a bit too much stuff in the image, and this one, which is just what you want. David and mahons were the victim of " red eye " but the easy as pie to use Picasa software took care of that in a second. I really love digital cameras.

  11. LOL Aileen!

    Good to see you guys and glad that you had a great time. I wish, oh wish, that Troll and I could have come, too. Even though it looks like I would have been the only lady female in the group. πŸ˜‰

    We really need to plan something bigger the next time David and family come to visit.

  12. Not since that famous photo at Yalta have I seen such a historic gathering of 3 fine figures of men… (which one’s Stalin ?).

    Hope you all had a good time – did you chat about other ATW regulars and did we get a good mention from y’all.

  13. There were many friendly comments about a number of other regulars, including those who are polar opposites on various spectrums.

    This would have been the best ever if Troll and or Monica had been able to come up, but it was not to be. Next time.

  14. Great to put names to faces. Now when I best Mahons in debate I can picture him going down in flames! I’ll take a glossy. πŸ˜‰

  15. That was my pint! The other gents drank lager

    It wasn’t as good as a fresh out of the brewery Dublin pint, but it wasn’t bad.

    Places like Annie Moore’s in NY sell a lot of it so it is pretty fresh – originiating I think from Dublin or from another brewery I think they have in New Brunswick, Canada

  16. Phantom: do you think maybe you care a little too much about your beer, or is that just the Puritan in me talking? πŸ˜‰

  17. β€œBeer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

    Benjamin Franklin

  18. I left a comment here yesterday when I wasn’t logged in – guess it didn’t get approved by the moderator? It was kindof cute, too.. πŸ™

  19. Maybe I’m wrong but I’m not sure there is a moderator. Your comment might still be in limbo. πŸ™

  20. Not sure if anyone knows how to approve moderated comments

    I posted this, so you might think that I’d be the one to approve but if so I have no idea how the thing works.

    Troll or Mama- please restate!

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