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The Power Elite is prepping, so shouldn’t everyone else do so?

Can you spot the Goldman Sachs headquarters?

There’s no doubt that Hurricane Sandy packed a punch, but despite the devastation of the last few days it could have been worse. Sandy was a Category 2 hurricane on a scale which rises in intensity to 5. In just the last few years the 2004 tsunami, Katrina, the Japanese tsunami (and Fukushima) and now Sandy have all reminded us that no place can possibly be fully prepared for disaster and that when it hits you are on your own at the critical moments.

Even those who know they will be relied sometimes get it wrong. NYU Hospital had to be evacuated because of generator failures after ConEd power went offline. Bellevue Hospital was perilously close to evacuation before a human chain was organised to get 5 gallon fuel containers up to generators on the 13th Floor. The hospital simply did not have them on hand.

In a city like New York the Mayor can pose all he likes for the cameras as he bans soft drink containers over a certain size, but it’s best to assume he’ll be useless to you when disaster happens because that’s exactly what he’ll be.

Goldman Sachs knows this. The intelligentsia will mock the idea of DIY prepping as wacko, Right Wing thinking, but watch what the Power Elite does, not what it says. As well as having sufficient back-up generators and fuel on hand for heating and lighting (unlike some hospitals), this is what else Goldman was up to before the storm hit –

They certainly weren’t trusting the government to protect them, and they own it! It’s interesting to see also that Paul Krugman has a generator:

I’m blogging using my iPad as a hot spot, but linkage may be iffy — we’re sort of in the Bermuda triangle of cell access, and at the moment I have only one bar. But we do have a generator! So no worries, just nuisance.

Paul Krugman’s a prepper!

Take the lesson from the Ruling Class and prepare yourself and your families for emergencies. Government will be on the scene far too late. Government itself is the ultimate prepper, with vast facilities all over the UK and US to enable Continuity of Government. Your concern should be for your own continuity. It’s not just at the national level either. Right down to local councils, government institutes contingency plans. Over there the feds even advise on what preps to do and I know that my local council has similiar advice on its website because I’ve read it. So what to do? Well let’s look at what happened when the unprepared were about to be hit by the storm –

While the shelves were being stripped bare, probably in some panic, preppers had their feet up because they knew they already had the hardware to get through it. Below is a basic home kit which everyone should have:

– Food and water for at least a week (including water for cooking and sanitation. If you’re expecting the zombie apocalyse or TEOTWAKI then stock as much as you think necessary)

– Warm and rain-resistent clothing

– Your weapons of choice

– A generator

– Two alternative ways of cooking without main power (think camping stoves)

– An adequate first aid kit which you know how to use

– A battery or wind-up radio

– Torches

– Spare batteries for the radio and torches

– Spare toiletries, incl. antibacterial hand gel (think of how your mouth will feel after a few days with no toothpaste)

– Domestic essentials (bleach, washing up liquid etc)

– Knives of your choice

– Candles

– A manly tool kit

– Whistles

– Wind-up or solar chargers

– A stash of essential prescription meds

– A fire extinuisher

– Spare cash (without it, if banks are closed and ATMs offline, you’ll be SOOL)

– Pet food if necessary

– Copies of important documents (passport, driving licence etc, advice manuals etc) encrypted on a memory stick

I’ll leave it there. It’s just a basic list. I don’t advocate that people drop a large amount of cash on a mega shopping spree. Think about your needs and get there over time. It’ll never be money wasted either. The hardware will be used anyway and the food will be rotated and replaced as use by dates come near. By stocking food ahead of time you’ll also be buying ahead of future price inflation. Much of the above will fit into a tote box in a spare room or at the bottom of a wardrobe.If you’re looking for one, good, comprehensive guide then – bizarrely – the Church of the Latter Day Saints is your place. It’s not all that heavy on God, if that would put you off. Download the pdf here.

You can go further if you like. For example, some advocate a Get Home Bag for the motor or workplace. Have a look around and make like Goldman Sachs, Paul Krugman, FEMA and the rest of the Right Wing nuts who aren’t hanging around waiting to be victims.

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57 thoughts on “ATW SURVIVAL GUIDE

  1. Nonsense. Emergency workers have been doing great work, and the warnings and preparation have been critical in limiting the loss of life.

  2. Mahons and Phantom are in the area. Let’s hear from them. I’m sure Pete will be prepared to reconsider his positions based on the observations of people in the area.

  3. That’s not the point, I’m not interested in having that discussion and I’d rather the thread didn’t go down that road.

  4. Pete, where was the “market” when all this was going on?
    Surely such things, involving huges losses of value, just shouldn’t happen?

    But the market was of course of no help to the people and places affected. Instead they had to rely on dedicated, and probably underpaid, government employees: policemen, firemen and civil defence, including, according to Phantom yesterday, many volunteers who didn’t ask themselves about the profit of their enterprise before going out to face the winds and the risks.

    It would seem that the US yesterday didnt have too much government but too little of it. Although the storms that hit America are much more savage than what we get in Europe, it’s still hard to imagine the major cities in any industrialised country this side of the Atlantic being deprived of power even by such gales. It just doesn’t happen, and that it happens so often in a country that spends so much on military escapades abroad and apparently so little on protecting its people at home, well that should raise several serious questions.

  5. A ” donut muncher ” ( according to some ) police officer died yesterday while giving aid to a family on Staten Island. He was caught in a basement that rapidly flooded.

    Those who contribute the most never think only of ” markets ”

    Pete and ilk are essentially identical to Goldman Sachs in this respect. They too think only of markets, of themselves in a sociopathic and constricted Pontius Pilate view of society.

  6. Lew Rockwell post

    He being Ron Paul’s gold pushing butt buddy

    Go ahead, pretend to be angry.

    ” stay on thread “

  7. The Market was closed.

    Noel – You are correct in that Europe doesn’t experience this type of weather. Less so in trying to tie it into foreign policy. Major power outages have hit France, Italy, and Austria in recent memory. Even the Swiss, and they don’t have any troops abroad unless you count the Vatican.

  8. Phantom –

    I see the police officer died in a basement on Doty Avenue, Staten Island. Google Earth tells me the road is right on the front and barely a couple of feet above the sea level.

    This is precisely the kind of property which the free market would incentivise against:

    . . . so that New Yorkers and New Jersey-ites can live on the beach. That’s the “moral hazard” effect of federal flood insurance. If all those people whose homes on the beach in NY and NJ have been flooded out had to pay free-market rates for flood insurance instead of incredibly cheap, federally-subsidized flood insurance, very, very few of them would build expensive homes in the paths of hurricanes. Everyone else’s insurance rates go up in order to subsidize the beneficiaries of federal flood insurance. Having caused all that housing devastation, the government (i.e., Obama) now plays Santa Claus with the president appearing in New Jersey today to promise fat checks all around a week before the election. Perfect.

    Yeah, fucking perfect you moron! Destroy the market, override price signals and suppress costs (at the expense of everyone else) so people can build basements right on the waterfront below the sea level.

    Fucking genius, but don’t worry because a fat man and a skinny man are touring New Jersey. All is good!

  9. There have long been houses on the low lands. Since the first houses were built

    Whatever the market

    Ta ta

    Off to deliver relief to a real person flooded out in the real world.

    There are more important things than markets.

  10. Pete

    What is ‘on topic’ to you ? . You attack government in a post and then accuse people of going off topic when they come on to defend govt. action. Are commenters only ‘on topic’ when they agree with you. You’ve lost the plot and have no argument when you have to resort to swearing. You tell other people to be civil. Well learn that lesson yourself first.

  11. I knew this would happen.

    I knew that anything but sticking to the topic would be yet another craptastic waste of time. If you know about incentives, signals, the price mechanism and how the state grossly directs capital then you can have a discussion about “where the market was”.

    Well we know ain’t in a basement below the sea level right by the sea. That’s what the government made because it suppressed the market.

    I suggested that we stick to the topic, because I knew this would happen otherwise. And now Phantom goes out to take a few supplies to someone else, and he says there are more important things than markets! What, did Bloomberg order him out the door? The market is simply people voluntarily interacting with each other.

    Truly, you cannot make it up.

  12. Colm –

    No, I did not “attack the government” in the post. If I attacked the government you’d know about it!

    You’re seeing things. You see my name at the top and assume the rest. I stated a fact along the way. When these houses burned down the Mayor was not on hand to rescue the situation. He can’t be. When those houses were burning the owners were on their own. How the fuck is this attacking the government? It’s simple common sense.

  13. Pete

    Of course silly me, saying the mayor is useless and that the government will always be far too late to help, isn’t attacking government at all. I withdraw my ludicrous accusation.

  14. Why no flood barrier? They had better start thinking about one, because this “once in a hundred years event” wll be more like “once in 20 years” or even “once in five years” before much longer. The Greenland ice-sheet melt is accelerating and will raise sea levels significantly this century, never mind the more powerful hurricanes associated with that which must not be mentioned (and hasn’t been mentioned in the entire campaign so far).

  15. The Power Elite is prepping, so shouldn’t everyone else do so?

    It depends what you mean by prepping.
    If you run a world wide business like GS and have tons of money then having enough power on standby to power a skyscraper makes sense.

    Having a toolkit/flashlights and most of the stuff on your list etc at hand (which most people would have anyway) makes sense.

    Having a years supply of food like the LDS suggest in your link does not make sense for most people.
    Having the sort of supplies that the preppers in your “Get Home Bag” link have all the time in their car does not make sense for most people.

  16. It is common sense to advise people to prepare for emergencies, but such private endeavour does not have to be reported as being in spite of the governemtn or the authorities but as part of a cohesive effort by individuals and authority to manage disasters.

  17. FO –

    Well that’s the point. Preps need to be tailored accordingly. It might be that a year’s supply of food is reasonable to a Mormon up a mountain in Idaho, but I’d say that if you think things will get that bad then you might want to move somewhere else. In any case, that guide is about the most comprehensive one around and pretty good all in all, but there’s a huge amount of information online.

    If your commute is ten miles across the south of England then a space blanket would be OTT most of the time. Then again, not so long ago a blizzard stranded thousands of drivers for over 24 hours on the M11 a few miles from London in sub-zero temperatures. If you left home in flimsy clothes you’d have known about it. A sleeping bag or down jacket weighs little and can be left in the boot.

  18. Pete

    I know Breezy Point, where those houses were.

    It is one of the tightest knit ( any very Irish ) areas in NYC.

    They actually have a fully staffed and well trained volunteer fire department in the area, fairly unique for this city.They did more for themselves than most would have done. More than most or all here do to keep their house safe from fire.

    This was the ” perfect storm ” for that little town within a city. Nothing they could have done would have stopped this, not this time. A friend lost a recently purchased house there.

    This is not the time or the place for such sophomoric anti govt arguments, and Breezy Point is the worst possible example to back up the point, to the extent there is a point.

  19. To be clearest

    That volunteer fire dept is both privately funded and is staffed by volunteer labor from within the community? This town did NOT rely on government fire services. Thats why they started their own private fire dept.

    Do any of the slithering anti government frauds here a) serve in such an organization or b) pay for the upkeep of one?

    Didn”t think so.

  20. Oh look, he’s back from that errand Bloomberg sent him on.

    This town did NOT rely on government fire services. Thats why they started their own private fire dept.

    And he vindicates everything I’ve said!

    Yes Phantom, where government retreats civil society will organise itself well enough. Just like I’ve always told you.

    Now things did settle down while you were out. Respect the blog, respect readers and please stay on topic.

  21. Right, so now you’re saying the firemen are so shit they can’t even protect their own homes? Either that or you’re all over the shop.

    Come on, if you want to praise the government then post it up. Let others join in if they want to. Spend an hour of your time praising Bloomberg and FEMA and the president (who just pitched up in New Jersey and praised state representatives who were probably out of state) if you want to. Otherwise, please stay on topic.

    Jeez, you’ve just delivered a wind-up radio to someone. Look at my list – a wind-up radio! Tell us about it.

  22. You need meds more than the Adolf worshipper does.

    The firemen were brave, great.

    Some perils can’t be overcome by man, no matter which uniform is worn.

  23. I don’t see how a collection of dildos would be of any possible use in this situation.

    I do. BTW, it’s called a lady toolkit.

    I think you all are being too hard on Pete. He’s offered some very good advice, especially for people who live in areas prone to severe weather like tornados, hurricanes, snow storms, etc.

    Emergency responders, all levels of government and NGO’s do the best they can during and after these types of disasters, but the most responsible thing people can do for themselves is to be at least minimally prepared with food, water, a medical kit and appropriate clothing.

    The rescuers might not reach your house for days, the power could be out for a couple of weeks, tap water might be unsafe to drink.

    The government can’t work magic in these extreme situations, wise people understand that and take appropriate preparations.

  24. I’m prepared all the time.

    And the govt is always urging us to do most of these things here – city and national govt always saying to have a plan and to be stocked. Do not know how that fits into assholish anti gummint worldview tho.

  25. “I do. BTW, it’s called a lady toolkit.”

    Perhaps Daphne, in these matters Ross likes to be one of the ladies 😉

  26. “The intelligentsia will mock the idea of DIY prepping as wacko, Right Wing thinking”

    Well the right wing wackos aren’t mocked for being prepared but what they prepare for.

    Yes, the wingnuts were well prepared for the storm with their stockpiles of gold coins and ammunition.

  27. Phantom –

    No-one said the government wants no-one to be prepared. My post even states: “Over there the feds even advise on what preps to do ..”

    And it’s in that very sentence I also link to ready.gov

    If you’re going to dig me out at least read the post for goodness sake.

  28. You say that the intelligentsia and power elite mock preparedness, and imply that they counsel against it.

    That’s not true. Give me one example.

    Survivalists are mocked , often, but they are not to be confused with those who are prepared.

  29. Pete – that photo of NY as the hurricane approaches is on the front page of yesterday’s Die Welt over here in Germany. I thought that you had put up a photoshopped picture. Given that it is genuine, what do you think GS was up top whilst everybody else was taking shelter?

  30. Allan@Aberdeen –

    I wish I knew but suspect we’ll find out soon enough.

    The city that never sleeps was shutdown, on lockdown, being battered down yet there’s alot of midnight oil burning in the GS HQ. If you don’t think that’s odd, you’re still probably optimistic about the election.

  31. I don’t know, Phantom. I have several friends who could easily provide for themselves off the grid for weeks on end if need be and they aren’t your typical survivalists with a anarchic, end of days, apocalyptic, shack in the woods mindset. Most live on gentleman ranches, although a few shack up in million dollar waterfront properties and others live right around the block.

    A third are voting Obama. The rest have no problem calling the president a Kenyan, anti-colonialist, socialist, muslim, communist nigger with their highly educated, well-compensated bigoted mouths.

    Pete’s post is a solid reminder of what people can easily and affordably do to take care of their families in times of extreme emergency.

  32. The rest have no problem calling the president a Kenyan, anti-colonialist, socialist, muslim, communist nigger with their highly educated, well-compensated bigoted mouths.

    You mean they don’t blame him for Sandy?

  33. If they could, they would, Peter. Their unmitigated hate truly amazes me.

    And N.J. Gov. Chris Christie is their most hated punch bag du jour.

  34. Yeah, I saw Cristie with Obama and I can well imagine the reaction among the usual suspects. Watch out for the vitriol that will descend on Romney if he loses next week.

  35. Peter

    The Alex Jones set ( which includes the Dynamic Duo here ) has been blaming Sandy on Obama since before it hit? These thoughts aren’t unusual within that subculture.


    There is no ” plot ” so crazy that they won’t swallow it in the name of ” truth “.

    If Obama wins, Christie could have some interesting options. One would be ti join the Democrat Party, and lead a new, no nonsense , Giuliani type strain inside of it.

  36. The storm has largely helped Obama. Most normal people stopped thinking about the election for a couple of days.

    As mentioned, until recently many Republicans were seeing not just a win,but a big win . I don’t know what they really think now.

  37. Phantom, Alex Jones doesn’t figure at all in my well-prepped, wealthy, nigger spewing social set.

  38. I know of them

    I hope that they’re ok

    I suspect that they are- I think that they’d be in tunnels that are elsewhere – not at the ones under the river, not atthe very busy and narrow ones bt South Ferry

  39. Breezy Point was evacuated on the educated advice of the government with the storms’s approach which is why no lives were lost, only property.

  40. Ever hang out there mahons?

    One of the nicest spots I’ve ever seen, a tiny, lovely, family friendly spot hard on the Atlantic. You ‘d never think that you were in New York City.

  41. Phantom, on November 1st, 2012 at 1:53 am Said:

    The Alex Jones set ( which includes the Dynamic Duo here ) has been blaming Sandy on Obama since before it hit? These thoughts aren’t unusual within that subculture.
    There is no ” plot ” so crazy that they won’t swallow it in the name of ” truth “.

    So, Phantom, in your own manner, you are saying that I am saying that Obama created hurricane Sandy? (I’m assuming that I am part of the Dynamic Duo which regularly gives the Joker a thrashing)

  42. Phantom,

    Breezy point and Long beach are nice. I had a few nice times there in my younger days in NY.

    The Irish Riviera! ( Well that’s more Rockaway…)

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