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This story, with a member of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces giving birth in Camp Bastion after being ‘unaware’ of her pregnancy raised headlines in all newspapers; but the two items I would concentrate upon are one statement from a ‘friend’ and one comment upon the whole situation.

The statement is ” I don’t know who the father is.”

When I was a father for the first time, many thoughts ran through my mind, but none of them raised any doubt as to whether I was the father of that tiny sprog who grew into the individual who is now my eldest son. ‘I am a father’ was my proudest statement, and as I carried that tiny child back across the threshold of the home where he would be lovingly reared, I knew what the term ‘Family’ was all about!

The comment is to quietly ask what the hell are we still in that dusty hell-hole for? The locals don’t want us, the neighbours definitely don’t want us; all our Armed Forces are there for these days is to save face for a bunch of lying, scheming politicians who jumped without thought into a situation which they thought could be controlled! The new-born child and mother have already been evacuated; lets get the rest out ‘toute suite’!

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