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Beautiful, just beautiful.

She was eighteen years in the making, cost £3 million of private money and demanded much sweat and toil – but what a result! With the maiden journey of the Tornado steam locomotive at the weekend, Britain became a little more civilised. One day I will ride behind her.

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11 thoughts on “Back To The Future

  1. ehem!

    The Tornado is the engine only. One day I will don the finest British worsted and brogues and travel in style. This is the future!

  2. Yessiree, it’s a fine loco all right, and it was wonderful to see Brown there at her maiden trip, standing on the fireplate and giving a lecture about British jobs and engineering expertise……
    blah blah blah…..continued on page 94.

  3. I love trains, old and new. May have to check this one out someday.

    A labor of love, with a superb result. Bravo!

  4. Phantom –

    Details are in the link. If you spend more time here again I’ll be happy to join you.

  5. Pete/Phantom

    Don’t count your chickens. You will arrange the trip on this train only to turn up and find out it’s been cancelled due to a fluttering of snowflakes, or late engineering works means there’s a bus replacement service 😉

  6. Just saw the youtube clip now – its blocked at work.

    What a beautiful,majestic piece of work that locomotive is. The guys who worked it must be so proud.

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