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It is a strange truth about this strange nation which we have morphed into, that a young man can be sacked for speaking his mind, and telling the truth as he sees it.

A civil servant in Liverpool has been fired for using government computers to post abuse about the Hillsborough disaster on the Wikipedia website following an investigation by The Telegraph.
The Whitehall official used the government intranet to mock the 1989 tragedy in which 96 Liverpool fans died at Sheffield Wednesday’s football ground. An inquest into the deaths is being held.
The man, an administrative officer, edited the phrase “You’ll never walk alone”, the anthem of Liverpool FC, to read: “You’ll never walk again.”
The 24 year-old later added the phrase “This is a s—hole” to the Wikipedia page for Anfield and “nothing for the victims of the Heysel disaster” to a section of the site dedicated to the Liverpool ground’s Hillsborough memorial.

As with the ‘Sacred Inquiry’, as well as the ‘Holy Inquests’, the truth about what happened at that football ground will never really be established, mainly because the thousand-odd drunken Liverpool ‘fans’, and their truly disgraceful conduct of swarming the gates; which ended in the death by suffocation of their compatriots at the front of the enclosure, will be either disregarded, or passed over, and the police will be blamed for everything.


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6 thoughts on “‘Bad taste’ does not deserve the sack!

  1. That’s not what the bastard was given the computers for.

    If you should see him, tell him to enjoy his unemployment.

  2. Mike Cunningham –

    A poor choice of subject for someone with no interest in sport.

    It was The Sun which printed the allegations that most Liverpool fans were pissed and that they swarmed the gates (along with stealing from, and urinating on, the dead).

    Kelvin McKenzie (the editor at the time) admitted later that the story had been planted by the South Yorkshire Police and that it was a pack of lies. This was backed up by the release of the all the papers on Hillsborough.

    So talk about it if you like (and have no fondness for the Mickey Mousers) but there’s no need to recycle old lies.


    So this is a government parasite browsing the web. Most of them do that during the day. You could sack half of them and still have the same meagre output.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’d rather they were all on facebook and the like instead of persecuting the productive.

  3. BTW Mike

    This has zero to do with free speech

    The employer has every right to sack someone who is misusing company equipment

  4. The reason for keeping his name quiet was absurdly unconvincing too.
    I wonder if his name was foreign.

  5. Mike has a real bee in his bonnet about the Hillsborough event and in particular seems to resent Liverpool as a city and its people and more than once has put up a post negating or mocking any sympathetic coverage of the tragedy. What is his problem with this incident ?

  6. The incident detracts from what he considers the greater soccer tragedy – the failure to ban the South African Vuvuzela.

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