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Cartoon or fictional characters, like Tony the Tiger and the Milky Bar Kid, should no longer be used to promote unhealthy food, a group of MPs says […]

Dr Sarah Wollaston, Conservative MP and chairwoman of the committee, said: “Children are becoming obese at an earlier age and staying obese for longer.

Children are becoming obese because of bad parents. That’s it. I ate cereals covered in sugar but I never became obese because I also ate healthy food and was always kicking a ball around or riding a bike. The same for millions of others. Children are naturally energetic. They should be running it off. No, the blunt truth is that fat children have bad parents.

It never occurs to these statist dunderheads that the more the state interferes in our lives the more we lose our sense of responsibility. When everything is the responsibility of the state then why do anything for yourself?

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6 thoughts on “BAN ALL THE THINGS

  1. No, the blunt truth is that fat children have bad parents.

    Yes Pete, but the message is not getting through to those bad parents and child obesity is accelerating, especially in less affluent areas. Apart from the physical health problems there are also mental health problems which will only get worse as they get older.

    ” One in 25 children in England aged 10 or 11 are severely obese, new analysis has found. Height and weight measurements show the number of children classed as severely overweight rose from 15,000 in reception to 22,000 by the time they leave primary school.”


  2. Tony the Tiger has been promoting frosted flakes since 1952.

    Child obesity is rising for the same reason that adult obesity is rising – people don’t move around much.

    Here, and presumably there, there are far fewer kids playing sports outside by themselves or in leagues. The very young are overprotected by helicopter parents, the older are playing video games instead of basketball or soccer, the adults are very often working at computer screens instead of working on farms or factories.

    I don’t necessarily blame anyone for most of this, but to me its the most obvious very major cause of obesity that is staring us right in the face.


  3. Lifestyle changes. TV, games consuls etc. Children have become more sedate.

    Politicians have no business in the family home. This is just a way in to micromanage our lives. These people should just stick to doing their job ! Oh wait, they can’t, they let the EU do that for them !

    I am a great believer in Darwinism. Let nature decide who gets to breed.

  4. These people should just stick to doing their job ! Oh wait, they can’t, they let the EU do that for them !

    A patently untrue faux victimhood whinge.

  5. maybe if the miserable tories stopped selling off all the playing grounds the kids would have a chance . Corbyn and a new approach is needed URGENTLY to do right by the people.
    This is a time where state intervention to prevent obesity would be a good thing as choice hasn’t worked out too well has it ?

  6. oh the irony after weeks of largely fake news about labours anti-semitism we have
    Muslim group calls for inquiry into Conservative party Islamophobia

    this is going to occupy alot of ATW threads, lol I can just see the gammons faces, going from pink, to red, to crimson to purple .. think i better go see said at the kebab shop for a side-splitting laugh before it all kicks off.. batton down the hatches as they queue up to vent.

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