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Things get more surreal but more disturbing by the day!

“Turkish officials are to have a hand in drafting EU laws governing Britain.

Civil servants from Ankara are being sent to work on policy matters alongside Eurocrats in Brussels. The development suggests that Turkey is moving closer to becoming a full member of the European Union. It was revealed in a statement released to the European Parliament setting out details of the “milestone” agreement signed by the European Commission.

Turkey’s EU minister Egemen Bagis proudly told MEPs: “Turks will have a role in shaping EU’s future politics and legislation.”

Last night there was outrage that a non-EU country was being handed powers to create laws affecting the UK.”

It’s obvious the DANGER to our ancient liberties our continued presence in the EU constitutes. With the likes of Erdogan “shaping” EU policies and laws, you can be certain that will do us no good whatsoever. Eurabia is the future and I want no part in it.

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3 thoughts on “BASTED BY TURKEY

  1. The march toward a European Caliphate has picked up the pace thanks to the Liberal Socialists and their progressive plans to extend the hand of peace to the Muslims. Yea, yea I know Turkey is suppose to be a non-sectarian government.

    When pigs fly and Islamic women wear bikinis.

  2. Integrating Turkey into the EU is bad for everybody, imo.

    What about rumors that the EU will break apart? false?

  3. I just about give up. There are obviously moves afoot to Islamise the West; our poli-puppets are not going to let on until it’s too late. How could we have possibly got to this stage in such a few short years?

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