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There was a shooting in Buffalo NY. A Lunatic in Body Army and a Rifle shot up a Buffalo supermarket Saturday killing 10 people and wounding 3 others. Of the 13 people shot, 11 were Black and two were white.

The Shooter was wearing military gear, carrying a rifle, and live-streaming his maniacal raid. The Shooter once wore a full hazmat suit to school during the pandemic — and was later hospitalized for a day and a half after threatening classmates for psychological evaluation.  Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said during a press conference “for a mental evaluation” in June 2021 after he made a “generalized threat” of violence against his school, Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said during a press conference. The Commissioner said the shooter “made statements indicating that he wanted to do a shooting, either at a graduation ceremony, or sometime after.” a full year before this incident.

After being sent for a Psych evaluation for threats The Shooter was not on the radar of federal law enforcement, even after writing a 181-page, race-hate-filled manifesto online at some point detailing murderous plans. “There was nothing picked up on the State Police intelligence. Nothing that was picked up on the FBI intelligence. Nobody called in any complaint,” Gramaglia said. “The State Police did their job to the fullest that they could at that time.”

The Shooters “Manifesto” appears to have shown up During or After the Shooting, after reading the published reports about the Manifesto, when and where it was published is very unclear, but everyone seems to have found it at once.

The Manifesto contains Anti-Illegal-Immigrant Hate, and hate for the Jews. It speaks of the immigration into “European” lands with replacements of the native population with immigrants.

The manifesto states:

Why did you decide to carry out the attack?

To show to the replacers that as long as the White man lives, our land will never be theirs and they will never be safe from us.

To directly reduce immigration rates to European lands by intimidating and physically removing the replacers themselves.

To intimidate the replacers already living on our lands to emigrate back to their home countries.

To agitate the political enemies of my people into action, to cause them to overextend their own hand and experience the eventual and inevitable backlash as a result.

To incite violence, retaliation and further divide between the European people and the replacers currently occupying European soil…

In another passage, he wrote, “Why did you choose (REDACTED) for the place of attack?” and explained:

(REDACTED) has the highest black population percentage (zip code *****) and isn’t that far away. Plus NY has heavy gun laws so it would ease me if I knew that any legally armed civilian was limited to 10 round magazines or cucked firearms. I replaced the name of the city to redacted because I’d prefer that the FBI and local police don’t know until the attack has started. After the attack can somebody switch it over plz?

Now not being a person who has read many crazy peoples manifestos I don’t know if they are usually written as a questionnaire. It seems odd along with the using the word Europe an European lands. That is not how “White Supremist’s” refer to themselves or white people.

There are a lot of things about this shooting that don’t add up. I am not saying that The Shooter did not do this, or that it was not motivated by race. What I am saying is there are pieces of this story that as they have been reported, and how everything has been spun just don’t seem right.

In the last couple of months we’ve had a couple of other Mass Killings. A Black man that shot up a Subway train, and another Black man that drove his car intentionally through a Parade. Most of the victims in these cases were of races other than that of the animal that committed the crime, yet no call of “Hate Crime” in either case even though the parade guy stated he did it to kill white people.

NY is also one of the few States that have enacted “red flag” laws that were intended to try and prevent mass shootings committed by people who show warning signs that they might be a threat to themselves or others. Being sent to the nut house for threatening to shoot up your school in my view would fall into the category that would justify a Red Flag Law. Once again however it only shows that feel good crap Laws like Red Flag Laws do not work.

I am sure in my view that the shooter was nutz, there is no doubt he committed the crime. For the crimes he committed he should have a Fair Hearing and if found Guilty be Hung by his Neck until Dead.

What bothers me about this story is the SPIN. I don’t believe this wacko was setup, goaded into this like the FBI did to the people in the Witmer Kidnapping plot. I do believe however that this shooting is the gift the Administration was hoping for.

Everyday our Government is telling us the greatest threat in America is Terrorism from White Supremist’s. Which is why they have to investigate Parents who complain at Schoolboards, and they need a Ministry of Truth. The problem is there hasn’t been any such attacks, not since MLK died.

Yes we have mass shootings/killings in America, they are always carried out by Crazy People both White and Black, as stated above. We have individual shootings everyday, mostly black on black, but a good amount of white on black, and black on white.

This is a horrible crime. If the State of NY had followed it’s own Laws it very well might have been prevented. Instead it is being used as a prop to enact more useless Laws that don’t work and an excuse to take away our rights and Freedoms.

Start using the Laws that already exist. Stop letting the Animals out of the Nut House and Jails so that they can prey on innocent people.

This is as problem that is being fueled by Liberal DA’s and Government officials who are allowing these Animals to roam free.

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