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Well then, didn’t this ad raise quite the storm in a Tea cup?


Here’s a tip for political activists: if your rabble-rousing echoes the behaviour and ideas of Islamists, then you’re doing something wrong. Consider the Protein World advert which — clutch my pearls! — features a photo of a beautiful, svelte woman in a bikini next to the question: ‘Are you beach body ready?’ Angry women, and probably some men, have been writing outraged slogans on these posters, scribbling on the poor model’s face and body, seemingly blissfully unaware that they’re following in the footsteps of intolerant Islamic agitators.


“Feminism, sadly, becomes more like Islamism every day. Alongside the ad-defacing antics, there’s also the campaign to put saucy tabloids and lads’ mags in black bags, echoing an ugly sight I beheld in Dubai once: Western magazines whose covers had been defaced with black gaffer tape by religious censors determined to hide women’s cleavage from the masses. And there was the war against Page 3 (RIP): a boob-hiding project that Muslim Patrol would be proud of. Too much modern feminism depicts women as fragile, as unable to cope with rude pictures or rough words, as requiring protection from the banter and imagery of everyday life. In the words of the anti-Page 3 campaign, such stuff can have a ‘negative impact’ on women’s ‘self-esteem’. It’s so alarmingly patronising, and it really does bring to mind the cloying over-protectionism of Islamists, who likewise see women as dainty, easily damaged, in need of constant chaperoning when they venture into the jungle of public life.

Can’t we try to resuscitate the spirit of the old sexually liberated feminism, when the likes of Germaine Greer didn’t want to ban photos of bikinis but instead posed for them?”

Sadly not. Modern feminism is a soul mate to Islamism. It is vocal, quick to take anger, and keen to shut up any real debate.

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14 thoughts on “BEACH BODY READY…?

  1. //Here’s a tip for political activists: if your rabble-rousing echoes the behaviour and ideas of Islamists, then you’re doing something wrong.//

    Exactly. So what was your and Islamists’ position on gay marriage, gender equality, abortion, legalised prostitution, etc. again please?

  2. Modern feminism is a soul mate to Islamism

    So does that mean that Fox is a soul mate of the Klan? After all, they both despise “race hustlers”.

  3. I note the parenthesIs

    So you doi not think that siuch ppl exIst?

    I will notify Sharpy Sharptoin

  4. Phantom

    I agree that they exist all right. I just don’t happen to like the term.

    But my point stands anyway, no?

  5. The Klan has no power

    There are more FBI spying on them than they have members

    Sharpton shakes down corporations and worsens race incidents some of which get people kikked

    He is a true race huistler who makes a living by making things worse

    This term describes him and Jesse Jackson perfectly. They are crooks in a race hiustle induistry

  6. To be fair, most hairy arsed lesbians will feel put out looking at that poster.

    I know, I’m compassionate.

  7. Susan Anne White could running for the Taliban. Unionism decayed? Or just good old fashioned Christian values?

  8. Petr

    No, she’s a Commie. She supports the NHS and wants a “family wage” which sounds suspiciously like the living wage. Get with the programme!

  9. What’s wrong with people? They should be more concerned about her eyes…either she’s very sleepy or needs more carrots. In any event, all that squinting will cause wrinkles.

  10. Wow this new site ATW is amazing!! A bunch of men who regularly denounce gay people, liberals, the media, women, call for war regularly as a political solution, and call for a return to relies values of one faith! Except for the blasphemers Mahons and Phantom it must be written by Mullahs…

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