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Caught short: The Queen has asked for a pay rise for the first time in 20 years to plug the £7.9m funding gap

I see that Her Majesty The Queen is demanding her first pay rise in 20 years to plug a looming £6million deficit in the royal household’s finances.

Palace officials have warned the Treasury they need a dramatic rise in the £7.9million annual civil list to maintain spending on state duties. The request is politically explosive at a time when the new coalition is imposing draconian £6billion public sector cuts to bring down Britain’s record deficit. 

Why is this “politically explosive”? The allowance afforded to Her Majesty was frozen by Blair in 2000, having been set by Major in 1990. So that is 20 years at the same rate. If politicians think the Royal Fmaily should not get an increase, can they explain why their salaries are not set at 1990 levels.

The Royal Family is one of our greatest assets and Her Majesty thoroughly deserves an increase. I trust Mr Cameron will do his duty. 

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15 thoughts on “BECAUSE SHE IS WORTH IT.

  1. How wealthy is the Queen? She has Sir Evelyn de Rothschild as her financial adviser and I read elsewhere that she is worth over £1 billion making her the richest woman in the world. Given who her financial adviser is, I’m not surprised that she signs over our sovereignty whenever requested. The Royal Family is no asset to this country.

  2. david is she not rich enpugh without sponging more of the taxpayer? God love her she needs another 6 million a year to look after her many properties. the whole royal family are a total joke and total waste of taxpayers money. rember prince william £40,000 (thats right 40,000) to use a chinoock helicopter to pick up his girl!! time to review this family once and for all

  3. What’s that thingy over the gent’s nose?

    A splash shield perhaps? (aka: booger deflector)

  4. The rich get richer. The people of the UK can spend their money as they please, royal welfare their perogative. But it seems rather absurd to us on the outside.

  5. The subservience shown by the unionist community to an unelected head of state never ceases to amaze. What an inferiority complex to carry on one’s shoulders!!

  6. Dan,

    The slavish adoration of these vile ,immoral ‘royal’ parasites is absolutely astounding! Not to mention the schizophrenic politics of the right wing/anti-staters.

  7. GSTQ.

    BTW Pinky, my prayers go out to yours on any flotilla for their safe return.

    Also, are you dissappointed in Obama?

  8. Dan, Pinky,

    "The slavish adoration of these vile ,immoral ‘royal’ parasites is absolutely astounding!"

    Why are you surprised? It’s plain old-fashioned cynicism. No politician worth his brown envelope salt would lobby for the removal of the Windsors. That would jeopardise any future honours or peerages.

    The Sun readers want them for different reasons. They’re fascinated by shiny objects that make curious noises.

  9. Argue for increased spending to help the poor, fund education, fund the health service and your an evil communist statist. Want to fund a 85 year old sauerkraut who doesn’t do anything? Absoultely fine, no problem from the small government types.

  10. Charles,

    Thanks:-) You are always the gentleman.

    No overall Charles I think Obama has done a great job so far. I do think he has paid far too much respect to BP, Halliburton et al by not stepping in immediately and cleaning up big business’s mess.

    However, that has to be weighed with the screams from rightworld of SOCIALISM, at every turn around, so my disappointment at this dilly dallying around the oil spill is tempered by that knowledge that had he stepped in immediately, the lunatics on the right would have been frothing at the mouth.

    Rabbi- It is so sad to read David Vance’s post on this matter. Was he kneeling when he wrote it- because that’s what it sounded like.

  11. Thanks for the compliement and answer Pinky!

    I of course think he’s terrible and it seems a large number of my countrymen think the same way. He came in as Alfred the Great or King Canute and is quickly becoming James II! I predict our own "Glorious Revolution" in Nov and he’s a one term president.

  12. The problem for you, though Charles, is that you don’t have your proverbial King Billy. Obama is quite unpopular at the moment but he is still more popular than anyone the Republicans can come up with.

  13. How true Seamus. The best we could come up with now is a Duke of Monmouth!

  14. Allow me to talk sense into some of you.

    The Crown does not pay tax, it hands over the entirety of its revenues to the Treasury. In return, the Monarch receives about one twentieth of this amount for the Crown’s operations.

    The Queen is nowhere near as wealthy as some maintain because much of what the Queen apparently owns is held in trust for the nation in her role as Sovereign.

    Yes, she owns Balmoral and Sandringham, and taxpayers do not pay for their upkeep.

    Republicans are free to discuss here which republics in the front rank of nations spend less than we do on our Head of State. Indeed, they are free to suggest which nations make so much money from their Head of State.

  15. Pete,

    "Allow me to talk sense into some of you."

    You did well up until the end of that sentence.

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