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Ever wonder what the political class get up to when they aren’t thinking up new and exciting ways to screw us all over? Well…

Members of Parliament, peers and their staff accessed pornographic websites 300,000 times over the past year, official records reveal. The total – which represents more than 820 sites a day – was released by Palace of Westminster IT bosses yesterday in response to a freedom of  information request.

You can see where they get the inspiration to ..well, you know. They DO keep themselves very busy and it doesn’t just end there…

The figures also revealed a high number of visits to supermarket shopping websites, computer gaming sites and music download sites such as Grooveshark, which is being sued for alleged copyright offences.

In March last year, for example, there were more than 83,000 visits to Betfair’s online horseracing form guide, along with 5,461 to a betting site for other sports that is operated by the same online bookmaker.

There were 4,665 visits to bookmaker Paddy Power, 3,803 to rival Ladbrokes and 4,126 to horseracing news site attheraces.com.

Several MPs also appeared to make thousands of visits to their own websites each month. And up to 50,000 visits were made to the controversial  adultery website Out of Town Affairs, which matches up  people looking for ‘no-strings-attached fun, hot steamy action and erotic encounters’.

Porn, adultery, gambling and downloads – these are the busy days of those who govern over us. Find that reassuring that your fate is in their hands???

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5 thoughts on “BEHIND CLOSED DOORS…

  1. //Find that reassuring that your fate is in their hands???//

    I thought something else would be in their hands.

  2. We’re soaked from birth in propaganda that says that “a law-abiding citizen” is good.

    The phrase “I pay my taxes” is a proxy for “I’m a good person”. A law-abiding, tax-paying citizen is the height of goodness!

    Well who writes those laws? The kind of people who trouser our cash all day to sit around looking at porn, gaming sites and who arrange liasons behind their spouses on no-strings sex sites.

    And we’re supposed to obey their commands? Delegate moral decisions to them? Pffff

    All in all though, I’d rather they carried on like this. It’s better than them mangling our lives and distoring our economy even further. As a wise man once said, let’s be thankful we don’t get all the government we actually pay for.

  3. hey Pete just like the idiots in my country, you voted them into power. Now you must live with your choices.

    Besides as an anarchist you have no right to complain. Did you vote? If you did then your responsible, if you didn’t then you forfeited your right to complain.

  4. Troll –

    “Did you vote? If you did then your responsible, if you didn’t then you forfeited your right to complain.”

    What kind of backward argument is this?

    Of course I didn’t vote for any of them. I don’t play their game, I’m an adult now. I don’t need people to make decisions for me, to tell me to be good, or to be my leader.

    Let me say it again: I reject politics. I don’t submit or recognise their authority over me. I am a sovereign individual.

    I am the boss of me.

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