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A child, someone’s daughter, has died. This is indeed a personal tragedy.

We are told that the ‘family are angry, angry and hurt’

We are also told that lifeguards were chatting whilst girl drowned

We are also informed that ‘a full and thorough’ investigation would be carried out.


We were not told why a FIVE-year old child was allowed to go into a swimming pool area unsupervised by her ‘devastated parents or grandparents’.

Just in the course of ‘full disclosure’!


In the course of full disclosure, I might add that two of my grandsons are already learning to swim, and the third is being introduced to the water. All three of my grandchildren, whenever near the water, are supervised as if they were about to disappear, and I would expect nothing less from their fathers, my two sons. Also to be disclosed is the sad truth that their Grandad cannot swim a stroke, and is terrified of the water.


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2 thoughts on “Behind the headlines

  1. The Headlines rarely tell the truth in incidents like this. What on earth were the parents doing? Even apart from the risk of drowning, one would have thought that following the Madeleine McCann case every parent would keep a close eye on their children, particularly in a foreign country. And as for this granddad, he is even stricter, getting complaints that “Daddy allows me to do it”.

  2. I thought the exact same thing when I saw the story this morning, Mike.

    They have no one to blame except themselves.

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