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Another excellent article here by Mark Steyn drawn to my attention

In Wales as in much of the Western world, we are in the midst of an unprecedented sociocultural experiment. Its precise end point cannot be known, but on the Continent its contours are beginning to emerge: In Amsterdam, formerly “the most tolerant city in Europe,” gay-bashing is now routine; “youths” busted into a fashion show, pulled a gay model from the catwalk, and beat him to a pulp. Claire Berlinski reported for National Review two years ago that in the French suburb of La Courneuve 77 percent of veiled women say they cover themselves to “avoid the wrath of Islamic morality patrols.” In Potsdam, the Abraham Geiger Theological College advises its rabbis not to venture on the streets wearing identifying marks of their faith. In synagogues from Copenhagen to Berlin to Rome, Jews are warned to hide their yarmulkes under hats or baseball caps at the end of the service. In Paris, a man wearing no identifiably religious clothing was beaten unconscious on the Métro for being caught reading a book by France’s chief rabbi. The message is consistent, from Jews to gays to women: In the new Europe, you don’t want to be seen as the other. Keep your head down, or covered.

For a decade, I’ve been told by those who think I’m “alarmist” that there’s nothing to see here. The seven-year-old whose non-appearance at the teddy bears’ picnic goes unremarked . . . the beleaguered National Health Service reeling under the costs of genetic disorders from cousin marriage but now providing free and discreet “hymen reconstruction” for Muslim daughters who got a little over-Westernized one night . . . the infidel women going veiled to avoid trouble in les banlieues . . . the rabbis wearing baseball caps on the streets of Berlin and Brussels . . .

One reason that there’s “nothing to see” is the ever greater lengths we go to to cover it, and ourselves, up. The veil descends, on all of us.

Hat-tip to Gonk!

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16 thoughts on “BEHIND THE VEIL

  1. Now for a story that combines more than one social depravity.

    Last week, in west Philadelphia, a five year old girl was abducted by a woman in Muslim face garb.


    Presumably, the school had no idea who the Islamic Abductress was since the real mother wore such costumes also.

    The child has since been found, shaken, but OK.

    The family, which is described as a ” complicated ” one by the local press, is not too complicated to have hired a lawyer, undboutededly to sue the school for ” gross negligence ” and ” punitive damages “. They’re already counting the money.

    Maybe mask wearing adults shold not be allowed into schools in the first place, unless it’s Halloween.

  2. Quelle surprise!
    The Liberatii control much of Western MSM. They find it impossible to accept that given the appropriate blandishments and encouragements, the rest of the world still might not share the same values as they do.
    Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini;
    they all banked on the naivety of the Liberal mindset.
    Nothing has changed.
    By the time our Liberal friends realise they actually got it wrong, it’s usually too late.

  3. In America the right does the same thing. There is very conscious manipulation of the sheep by both left and right.


    ” death panels ”

    ” death tax ”

    ” job creators “

  4. That’s a good if unhelpful answer Phantom.
    Just pause a minute and consider.
    WHICH philosophy is currently most influential?

    I don’t agree with extreme Right wing politics either.
    Personally I think Bush the Younger was a disaster.
    But if your only response is to say,
    ” death panels ”

    ” death tax ”

    ” job creators “
    You are as much a part of the Yah! Boo!Sucks! brigade as any other.
    And swapping “yeah buts!” is no answer at all.

  5. Listen sweetpea

    I am only pointing out that this is far from a left only phenomenon.

    All in the big time political game engage in language manipulation.

    ” Job creators ” is one of my favorite dishonest uses of the language. All rich people, including someone who inherited all of his wealth and spends it all getting high are ” job creators ”

    The rich executives who outsourced countless US jobs to China ( job subtractors ) are not ” job creators “, only because they’re rich.

  6. We’re not talking about that Phantom.
    We’re talking about the Western media (Liberal/Leftish controlled) and its reluctance to accept that these guys see themselves as Holy Warriors for Islam.
    “Militant” is a western concept.

  7. Everyone should be reminded of the Muslim woman who came to Labour MP Stephen Timms’s surgery two years ago, and stabbed him in the stomach as punishment for going into Iraq.
    She wanted to kill him, she said, later pleading not guilty on the grounds that UK law did not apply to her.

    She was not a jihadist; Just a 21 year old student from east Pakistan, living in the wrong century and the wrong country, but confident enough to know that she’d have plenty of local support for her action.

    If Mark Steyn thinks Britain is getting into a mess — he ain’t seen nothing yet.

  8. @Bernard

    You have it on my oath that I have muslim friends in my area, observant too. And I have only ever had invites to break fast with them. They look out for me. Hell I have even been trusted to take their toddlers to school. We just cannot say they all want to stone us to death or whatever.

    It is lazy. I have travelled a bit and I think on balance there are as many nasty christians as there are any other religion.

    Militants, terrorists, islamists whatever. Evil is evil and good is good.

  9. bebe
    “It is lazy. I have travelled a bit and I think It is lazy. I have travelled a bit and I think on balance there are as many nasty christians as there are any other religion.

    My understanding is that NO ONE is born a Christian. You choose to become a Christian.
    However, I most certainly agree that we have plenty of nasty people of our own.
    But that is not the issue. In the book I am currently reading “Asia Bibi”, this lady is a Catholic living in a poor village in Pakistan in which most everybody else is Muslim. Look at any Islamic nation and you will see that minority faiths whilst tolerated are left in no doubt as to which is the dominant faith and all must respect.
    I do not see Islam extending the same tolerance to minority groups as is made in Western societies.
    The danger for the West is that given the right prompting or incitement we may see moves made to destroy those freedoms currently enjoyed?/employed by more extremist Muslims to promote their goals.

  10. Agit8ed,

    You have your faith and that is admirable. I’m going through a tough patch at the minute health wise and I wish I had someone to pray to but I don’t. I have chosen a secular life and must take the rough with the smooth.

    I appreciate your considered reply. Norfolk I think you have said before? I lived in Norwich for 4 years. For my sins 😉

  11. Cheers Petr. Had I made that post on DV’s other site I would be crucified. It is nice to see a generally sensible crowd here.

  12. Glad to see you still commenting Bebe but not glad to hear you have health worries. I hope they resolve themselves positively.

  13. bebe (is that like as in Bebe Daniels who starred in Life with Lyons many years ago?)

    I am sorry to hear you have health worries. Always very scary, even if one has faith!
    Times like that can make you feel very alone I think.
    I have COPD and that can be frightening sometimes.
    Anyway, we lived over Sheringham for a few years and I attended Norwich City College for a while. My wife has family in Norwich.
    I don’t like big towns or cities, but Norwich is rather more pleasant than some I can think of!

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