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What can I say? I’m shocked I tell you, shocked!.

A report into corruption in the Republic’s planning process has found that former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern failed to truthfully account for a number of financial transactions. But the Mahon Tribunal does not make a corruption finding against Mr Ahern.

Of course.

It found that Mr Ahern failed to truthfully account for a total of 165,214.25 Irish punts passing through accounts connected with him.

It also found that in relation to the B/T account, known as the Bertie/Tim account by bank staff in the Permanent TSB, Mr Ahern and his associate, Tim Collins, failed to truthfully account for 50,000 Irish punts lodged into this account between 1992 and 1994.

As you do.

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4 thoughts on “BEING BERTIE…

  1. Now if I ever heard of a true ‘Irishism’ it must be this.

    He wasn’t guilty of corruption because he didn’t do any favours for all the money he received.

    So what has he done? He received bribes, but didn’t repay the cash by anything, so he isn’t guilty of anything? Maybe he should just have reported it all on his tax return?


    Bertie Guilty of anything illicit, immoral or shady? Does a bear poop in the woods?

    Not in the eyes of the adoring Patronage seekers in Fianna Fáil and many ordinary citizens. The Irish see Bertie as someone who used the system and got away with it at the cost of thousands of ruined lives. No big deal. That’s the way of the Irish.

    Bertie, of course exemplifies the Irish bully, hypocrite. The DNA runs through the genetic make-up of every true Irishman/woman. Give evidence, proof positive, unwavering testimony of his illicit dealings and he:

    1) Uses the patented Hibernian disarming “goofy- albeit innocent” HAPPY FACE smile.

    2) Denies everything and steadfastly denies even the most documented damning evidence.

    3) Calls upon his “pals” to deflect, deny and divert the accusations.

    VOILA: in a few short months the Tribunal costs are in the 6-figure amount, but Bertie is sitting on a few 6-figure bank accounts in Drumcondra, sipping pints and laughing with his cronies about how they scored big time.

  3. Funny, I was talking to a guy in one of those shops behind Bertie just yesterday.

  4. Noel,

    Check the pic closely. Likely that’s you waving sayonara to your friend, and they’ve shopped in Bertie’s mug.

    Poor Bertie’s been shopped more than once lately 😉

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