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This gave me a good laugh. A delegation of Iraqi politicians say their visit to Northern Ireland, which took place this week, will help inform peace-building in their home country.The cross-party delegation of 18 Iraqi MPs was led by Sheikh Humam Hammoudi, who chaired the Iraqi Constitutional Committee during the drafting of the current Iraqi Constitution. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of this in Iraq and in particular;
1. The elevation of Saddamites to the highest places in the new government. This must include those who oversaw the worst butchery during his terror reign.
2. The acceptance that Al Queda in Iraq have a right to be in power, preferably given the Security and Education Ministries.
3. The release from captivity of all convicted Jihadists and Ba’athists.
4. The acceptance that government can only work when every group in Iraq is in it and that no decision can be passed unless every group approves of it.
6. The setting up of Iran-Iraq cross border bodies on a range of key issues.
Yip – so much to learn, and so little time to learn it.
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One thought on “BELFAST TO BAGHDAD

  1. David,

    Thank you for highlighting this topic. As an American I have long looked on Northern Ireland as a model of both internal conflict and resolution assisted by external players. It is good to see that you are sharing your experiences with new democracies like Iraq.

    For another view of this story, I recommend this Press Release from Queen’s University Belfast.

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