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There is a show trial going on about January 6th, and that’s exactly what it a show trial, a Kangaroo Court. If you want a good thinking analisys and basis for discussion I recomend the article in the Tweet above.

It is a nice in depth view of the day and asks some very direct and honest questions that no one seems to want to answer. Hell they wont even allow them to be asked. I can only wonder why that is, maybe one of you can explain it. The powers to be sure wont. We are told to sit down and shut up.

I want to ask you. What in your view is the goal of Nancy Pelosi’s Jan 6th Committee?

When this sham finds that everyone there on Jan 6th was there for the sole Purpose of Killing Congress and Implanting Trump as King, of course at his personal bequest and direction. What is this Committee going to do?

Are they going to Hang former President Trump? Are they going to hang any of us who were there? I was there, should I be getting my affairs in order? Just what will be the punishment that Nancy Demands?

Like so many of her projects I guess we shall see once it is done what she has in mind and not before.

May you live in interesting times indeed.

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