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How much more infantile does our Nation have to become before we say ENOUGH? I blame the lawyers and the politicians and most of all you and me for not saying  ENOUGH more loudly!

Britain’s most famous chocolate maker, Cadbury, has decided to warn chocolate lovers that its product contains – milk. The latest Dairy Milk wrappers feature a logo showing a glass and a half of milk being poured into a chocolate chunk, put milk first in a list of ingredients and explains that there is “The equivalent of three quarters of a pint of milk of fresh liquid milk in every half pound of milk chocolate”. But Cadbury says it is also necessary to print warnings in capital letters in yellow boxes saying “CONTAINS: MILK” in case people who are allergic to milk do not realise that there is milk in Cadbury Dairy Milk bars.”

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34 thoughts on “BEWARE – MILK!

  1. ole willy was right lets kill all the lawyers will kill them tonight

    can we sue of the stress that is caused by reading warning labels?

  2. by the way cadbury caremelo is my to die for chocolate treat, I will have to buy one today

  3. They should start advising people that Big Macs may contain beef, but it’s a very small risk and not something to worry about.

  4. They make great candy. the Cadburys have an nteresting family history, Quakers who sought (in part) to alleviate social ills of alcohol by promoting candy & tea. Created their own mini town (which still exists today).

  5. I always liked Cadbury with raisins and nuts, and would ask visiting relatives to bring some of it back.

    Its now freely available here.

    Chocolate snobs ( there are such creatures ) totally look down on milk chocolate like this.

  6. It gets worse: Cadbury’s have just announced that their Fruit & Nut and Wholenut bars will now contain the warning, ‘MAY CONTAIN NUTS’

    As one who recently bought a large bar of Wholenut, I think the most important word in the warning is MAY, as I struggled to find one !

  7. The McDonalds ‘warm or hot’ warning stems from a woman who spilt her coffee over her thighs as she drove away from the drive-in counter, and successfully sued McDonalds for not telling her that the contents of a coffee cup may well scald her if dropped all over her skin!

    That’s the result of over-the-top American legal practices!

  8. That was an over the top case, and is true….but….

    McDonald’s really did used to make their coffee much, much hotter than any sane person would want it, far hotter than your home coffee brewer would make it, etc.

    I’m surprised that they sold any coffee ten years ago. It would scald you if you tried to drink it when served then.

    The case was extreme, but it was not entirely without merit.

    This sounds about right

    McDonald’s deserved to lose this case.

  9. True enough Mike and Phantom – I thought it was those icky pies they sold when I was a kid (not sure of they still do) where the apple goo content really was hotter than the surface of the sun.

    Starbucks on the other hand like to serve their coffee almost cold.

    It is now customary to ask for your coffee "extra hot" just to get them to serve it to you slightly above room temperature. How that organisation ever managed to go so global is a testament to the stupidity of Cup a’ Jo Public.

  10. Mahons: "Oddly enough I was going to propose "May Contain Nuts" as the ATW motto"

    Hahaha…all time funniest line!

    (don’t worry, our mutual hate-fest is still on)

  11. Patty – Thank you for the compliment and for continuing our hatefest (though I am trying to be gentler).

  12. LOL Mahons

    Cadburys caramel is a bit yum but it doesn’t hold a candle to Galaxy Caramel. I developed a total adciction to them and took drastic action. I bought ten bars and forced myself to eat them all in one go. OK mot much focing for the first couple but I really did have to force the last ones down. It worked a treat for about ten years. But it wore of recently. I may have to try it again.

  13. "This sounds about right

    McDonald’s deserved to lose this case."

    That’s from the American Trial Lawyers Association who have an obvious vested interest in justifying the case.

    I’d be more inclined to go with this interpretation.

  14. I am a permanent opponent of the US trial lawyers, which have done this country great harm ( and some good too ) and I’m here to tell you– McDonalds coffee back then was horrifyingly, stupidly way too hot. I stopped going there for coffee over it. It was painful.( and the coffee beans were of dreadful quality then too )

    But don’t worry. McDonalds which now uses better arabica beans and a drink at a temperature that won’t burn your tongue or other body parts is doing
    just fine right now in coffee sales.

  15. Ross – I think your source has a few errors in it (as he seems to admit himself but plows on regardless).

    In any event a judge and an Appellate Court can and should knock these awards down to sane levels when they are too high.

  16. Aileen

    Do you notice how my prediction re Mahons and Patty is starting to come true, a bit like the old Cointreau advert where the ice melts…

  17. Colm – your prediction about Patty and I will come true the day after you wed Ernest in San Francisco.

  18. Colm

    I will be looking out for the next time that Mahons pulls Patty’s pigtails

    or you to pull Ernest’s ;o)

  19. Colm – Because I never received my invitation. I wonder what side of the aisle one would sit in in such a situation.

  20. Mahons

    I was going to suggest You could sit on my side and Patty could sit on Ernests’ but it would be too cruel to keep you both seperated..

  21. I really really really REALLY want to nip out for a bar of galaxy caramel now!!!

    Must be the combination of talk of both love and chocolate in one thread :o)

  22. Aileen

    Nip out buy the chococlate then run a 5 mile circular route home. That way you won’t need to feel guilty eating it.

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