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Says the man who donated $1m to Obama’s 2012 campaign. Still he makes some good points, even if they are rather obvious to a libertarian –


Am I right in thinking that Maher is something of a (US) liberal/progressive? Or are his opinions more eclectic than that? I know he’s not a favourite among Republicans. He’s fawned all over Ron Paul on his show. Maybe some sense rubbed off onto him. Let’s hope he keeps moving that way instead of putting his hope and money in politicians who hate his freedoms more than any jihadist.

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  1. How does he sneak these videos past the censors of the police state? Oh, maybe it isn’t one.

    Maher is an entertainer, often funny, often smart. Sometimes not.

  2. Funny I was watching the ” police state ” Maher rebroadcast today.

    There is no police state. The Boston PD wore protective gear when looking for the bombers. As they should have.

  3. he claims he’s a libertarian but gives $1 million to a statist progressive…

    The libertarian in him likes his sex, drugs and rock and roll and the statist in him likes the Progressive Dems for everything else because he thinks his ideas are superior and should be shoved down the throats of his political opponents.

  4. “Maher is an entertainer, often funny, often smart. Sometimes not.”

    Most times not. He cashes in on pretend cynicism.

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