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He lives in a Palace. He wears robes glinting with gold. And, of course, he is just ONE MORE champagne socialist;

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has warned changes to the benefit system could drive children and families into poverty. He said society had a duty to support the “vulnerable and in need”. His comments backed an open letter from bishops criticising plans to limit rises in working-age benefits and some tax credits to 1% for three years.

Welby wants people to be mired in welfarism, the heroine of the modern State. Like so many clerics, he fails to even understand the gospel he claims to preach.

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8 thoughts on “BLESSED ARE THE POOR?

  1. The Church could show some benevolence for a refreshing change, and start to distribute part of it’s vast accumulated wealth to those in need.

    I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

  2. Maybe the hyprocritical Archbishop could address the tax-exempt status of the CoE before he calls for the state to carry looting, which I thought was a sin.

    Maybe he’d like to address the rise in “tax-efficient giving” to the CoE, which the Church trumpets too.

  3. Of course you would expect Church leaders to express concerns over the most genuinely vulnerable in society but what is wrong with this latest call by the Bishops is the vague naivete of it. Calling on there to be no benefit reductions or changes is irresponsible. There is undoubtedly a huge number of welfare claimiants who simply shouldn’t be allowed to remain on benefits and the entire culture of benefit ‘rights’ should be drastically altered and if the Bishops were to acknowledge that then their genuine concerns for those who really cannot work would hold greater moral force.

  4. NooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
    Not another bleeding heart, woolly minded wally in a designer frock.
    I thought this guy was going to be a refreshing, realistic, evangelical Archbishop with his mitre firmly screwed on..
    Of course we should care about children in poverty, but without realistic reforms continuing generous tax payer sourced benefits will only ensure we get MORE of them!!

    Now when I was a kid in the early ’50s we children walked three miles to what was called a British Restaurant to get a hot meal.
    Now if there were sensible suggestions on how to ensure children got a good hot meal that would be helpful, As it is we have a man of God of independent means and “rich vestments” advocating that we keep on borrowing money to pay benefits and ensure the problem doesn’t get dealt with.
    Jesus expected people to work for a living wherever possible, not receive money for idleness.
    It is time to take another look at updating and improving the workhouse idea.

  5. He wears robes glinting with gold

    I do believe that’s why they are called ‘Men of the cloth’ ..

    Nothing has changed throughout history where religion is concerned.

  6. “Mr Jesus also made sure the Serfs paid there taxes to the Romans..”

    I refuse to be drawn. Suffice to say his correct title is Lord..

  7. And he’s ‘jewish’:


    Not only that: he worked in the financial division of one of the most voracious oil corporates. As a link in the above to The Daily Telegraph reports:

    Somehow, he landed a job in the international finance department of the oil company Elf in Paris. “They asked me whether I knew anything about oil or finance and I said, ‘No’,” he later recalled. Nor did he speak much French, so he took an intensive six-month course and became fluent.

    So, an innumerate History graduate with no knowledge of French “somehow” gets a well-paid job in Paris. Going to Eton with two of the Rotties must have been useful. Now he is their man in The C of E.


    He made it clear that he will oppose gay marriage equality. The Prime Minister can expect a fight. But he said: “We must have no truck with any form of homophobia.”

    And Bishop Welby said: “I know I need to listen very attentively to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities and examine my own thinking prayerfully and carefully.”

    To me, that’s ‘gay marriage equality’ being shunted through the C of E by a placeman.

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