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Lt General Flynn was Blackmailed by the FBI, he has fought the corruption of the Deep State for 4 years and even after the Justice Department admitted he should never have been charged and withdrew the Charges a corrupt Judge refused to Allow the case to be dismissed even petitioning his other Judges to allow him to be both Judge and Prosecutor. Finally to end the Persecution of this American Hero President Trump had to grant him a Pardon.

You’ve heard all the dirt and lies, but you’ve never heard Flynn because the corrupt court had him under a GAG order for the entire 4 years.

Here is his first hour long interview provided so that you may hear a fraction of his side of the story

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16 thoughts on “Bongino Flynn Interview

  1. Patrick forgets that Trump and Pence said that Flynn lied to Pence, leading Trump to fire Flynn

    So was Flynn lying or were Trump and Flynn lying then

  2. but neither of you care…… the man was framed and blackmailed had his life destroyed.

    You just laugh and can’t even be bothered to see if he has anything worthwhile to say. Gen Flynn is the perfect e3xample of the treachery and criminality of President Obama and well that just doesn’t fit your narrative, and that’s all you have is a narrative. No Facts, No Truth, just a narrative of lies used to destroy a good man.

    It doesn’t even occur to you that if they can destroy a man who Obama himself appointed twice as Head of Intelligence and whose reputation and life was spotless what they could do to nobodies like us.

    The Obama Regime was the most corrupt Presidency in American History and win or lose for Trump doesn’t matter the Special Prosecutor will eventually expose them all.

  3. Why did he lie to Pence and to the FBI?

    And not that he was charged with it why did he mess around with the dirty anti US anti UK RT TV

  4. I think that Flynn broke the law, but he was unfairly treated by the FBI and morally deserved a pardon.

    Unlike the shameless crook Roger Stone who was clearly promised a pardon by Trump in advance of his trial in return for keeping his crooked lying mouth shut. Which he did, as did corrupt crook Paul Manafort who will also be getting a pardon before inauguration day.

  5. I have some sympathy for Flynn, because he was a courageous and affective wartime officer.

    Like Rudy. he did good and courageous things earlier in life

  6. yeah but then like Rudy he became a Russian spy…… lmao

    These men are Great Men and have been their whole lives but the Dems, and the Press say their Russians Spies and Dupes

    The Head of Several Intelligence agencies and A great Mayor and one of Histories best Organized Crime Prosecutors….. dupes and spies… and you believe it…. lol nothing else need be said.

  7. He wasn’t blackmailed or prosecuted about lying to Pence.

    Onw has nothing to do with the other

  8. The big picture: Flynn, who requested his sentencing be delayed until his cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller is complete, pleaded guilty last year to lying to the FBI in January 2017 about the nature of his conversations with then-Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak. When he pleaded guilty, he also admitted that some of his lobbying work was done on behalf of the Turkish government, which he had long denied


  9. axios…. really and your going to call gateway trash….

    He was Blackmailed….. but like the Steele Dossier, Clinton is an Angel, an Obama was the greatest President you go right on in your fantasy world.

  10. Whats wrong with axios

    The only sources you guys like are gateway pundit and Allan’s kookalamunga unknown sites

  11. Phantom I pull from every publication that exist and you know it, unlike you I don’t trust or believe any of them. Each is only a piece of the puzzle, but you seem to buy whatever nonsense is printed in certain publications no matter how ridiculous.

    You really must work on your objectivity.

  12. You really must work on your objectivity.

    It’s a good job that you always retain yours Patrick.

  13. Trump siad Flynn was a liar.

    Flynn is either a liar and Trump isn’t or Trump is a liar and Flynn isn’t.

    Or both.

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