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You’re going to thank me for this, but first, the weather forecast:


Summer’s arrived then, and that means a nice, cooling, summer drink for the evening. Well, dear reader, you’ve come to the right place, because I’m going to tell you how to make the best and finest of all summer drinks. Nope, I don’t mean that Pimms stuff. Nice though it is, no man should be seen in company with a drink called “Pimms”. It’s just not on. The one I’m talking about is the exquisite brandy sour. Invented in Cyprus long ago, now seen by some as the national drink, you will never – ever – taste anything finer while you man the BBQ. Plus it’s easy to make, which is great since you’ll be pissed on a few of these babies. And don’t worry about the brandy. You can’t taste it. Here we go then:

Ingredients: A tall glass; ice; Cypriot brandy (KEO VSOP or Haggipavlu Anglias); lemon squash (preferably Cypriot); Angostura bitters; lemonade or soda water.

Mixology: A few drops of Angostura bitters go in the glass. Andreas, the head waiter at my uncle’s restaurant in Cyprus, always said 4 or 5. I prefer “a few drops” according to taste. Chuck in the ice. Two measures of brandy, one measure of lemon squash. Top up with lemonade for a sweeter drink or soda water for something more dry. Or even a dash of both if you like. Give it a stir. It should look a little like this.

Then relax and knock it back. I promise, you’ve never tasted anything like this. Watch out though, it’s knockout stuff. When I discovered my first brandy sour I kept on drinking them all evening. Then I stepped off the bar stool and my legs weren’t there. I went straight down and flat out. What an ambassador. If that sounds a little like an alcopop then that’s what it is, the original one. So take my advice, you’ll thank me for it, and so will your friends for the gorgeous drink you’ve made them, and then you can trash the furniture:

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30 thoughts on “BOOZE

  1. Good stuff, Agit8ed.

    It’s important to use Cypriot brandy, which is what the drink was designed for. It’s more caramely and less harsh than the usual brands.

  2. good god put a shirt on man…. and what the hell is “Pimms”?

    Now the perfect summer drink….

    Take a blender, fill with ice, add 151 Bacardi till 1/3rd full, fill remaining space with lemonade. Turn on blender till all ice is crushed.

    The get a straw and enjoy it while sitting in a floating chase-lounge.

  3. “The get a straw and enjoy it while sitting in a floating chase-lounge.”
    That’s decadence and from the ingredients you mention it probably melts vinyl too..

  4. Pete,
    Apart from Cyprus where do you find Cyprus brandy, and what’s wrong with Lidl’s finest?
    You can’t get more than 40% proof anyway.

  5. Pimms is definitely overrated and overpriced, but I like the idea of this Brandy Sour – think I would try it without the angostura bitters though.

  6. Cheap Spanish Brandy is probably just as sweet as the Cypriot one and less sharp than French Brandy. I like drinking any Brandy neat though.

  7. A8 that concoction was a favorite in my late teens and early 20s. I had a friend with huge in ground pool and she and I would float around with that mix in an ice bucket in between the two chairs.

    and it was 151proof of pure decadence.

  8. Agit8ed –

    You should be able to find KEO VSOP or Anglias in a large off-licence, maybe even a large supermarket. If not, there are plenty of places online.

    Cypriot brandy has a distinctive taste. It’s much more mellow and smooth than your Courvoisier or Remy Martin. As I said, the drink was designed not for brandy, but for these particular kinds. Some cheap Spanish stuff will be a different drink, not a brandy sour.

  9. Troll –

    Pleased to report that’s not me in the video. Mind you, every summer millions of British men hit the beaches of southern Europe looking just like that. Most of’em end up in the same state too.

  10. Great post, and the booze sounds great. I’m invited to a BBQ on Friday and wanted to bring something more interesting than the usual 6-pack on wine. Sounds just the ticket.

    The Cyprus background stuff will also likely raise a few laughs.

  11. eeewww that’s mean, but it’s OK as long as he doesn’t wear one of those male euro bathing trunks… that’s just nasty

  12. Are we really going to turn this thread into a discussion on what swimming trunks the esteemed Mr Moore wears on holiday ?

    Anyway I am sure after a few of those Brandy sours he probably runs around the resort minus his trunks πŸ˜‰

  13. Oh Dear….
    You could try surgery Pete.

    Was this you in full
    “barricade the door -the ty detector van is in the area again. They’ll never take me alive” mode?

  14. Pete Moore, on June 4th, 2013 at 10:31 PM Said:
    Budgy smugglers? Of course.

    What do I like? Guns and guitars. So here I am in my full glory.

    Eeeeeeeek !

    Eye bleaching is still very painfull πŸ˜‰

  15. No man should be seen in company with a drink called β€œPimms”. It’s just not on

    The word ‘Pimms’ & ‘man’ in the same sentence is just wrong.

    Take a blender, fill with ice, add 151 Bacardi till 1/3rd full, fill remaining space with lemonade

    Barcardi? I prefer rum.

    Try a dark seven year old Havana Club or a nice dark Venezuelan Cazique Troll I’m sure it’ll be right up your street.

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