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It is this sort of news that illustrates why the UK is seen as a magnet for every on the make illegal immigrant;

Border chiefs are preparing to ‘write off’ around 80,000 lost immigration and asylum cases. The files were among nearly half a million found abandoned in boxes at the Home Office in 2006 in a major immigration scandal. Since then officials have been working through the backlog to track them down, but are set to admit defeat and abandon around one in six cases.

I would like to know how many of these “Border Chiefs” face the sack for their gross  incompetency? How many politicians that presided over this disaster face prosecution for allowing our Nation to become a blot hole for illegal immigrants? It is the casual dismissal of such a massive failure to protect US from these welfare parasites that so offends me. And the lazy disregard for failure. If Government cannot defend its borders, it has failed. We have been let down as a Nation by the clowns at Westminster.

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2 thoughts on “BORDERLESS

  1. David,

    I feel I must take issue with your description of the incompetents who ‘serve’ us at Westminster as Clowns.

    I personally know at least three people who made, or in one case still make, a respectable living as a Clown, and I do believe that that particular job description is registered with HMRC.

    ‘Lying criminals’ would be my own choice for the Westminster bunch, and that would include all the top ‘Deliverers’ of the non-existent services they are alleged to be overseeing; and as for the Border Agency; well, to even describe them as ‘worker drones’ would be a great compliment to a bunch of time-serving nonentities!

  2. If Government cannot defend its borders, it has failed.

    The government has only failed if it ever intended to defend the borders. It is policy NOT to defend the borders so this government as with its predecessor sees undefended borders as an ongoing success. The purpose is to get as many 3rd-worlders into the UK (and the rest of ‘white-world’ excluding Israel) as possible.

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