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In the same way that Arnold Schwarzeneggar, the Governor of California is a Republican in Name Only, so the Mayor of London Boris Johnson is a Conservative in Name Only and he proves it today by launching a review into the feasibility of granting an amnesty to an estimated 400,000 people living illegally in London. That’s the way to do it Boris – send ’em a message that they can all understand. All pile in.

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6 thoughts on “BORIS THE CLOWN…

  1. He actually said it would be "legally" difficult, or words to that effect, to send illegals back out of the country. What kind of brainless remark is that?

  2. Who exactly is making it "difficult" to send illegals out of the country?
    It isn’t me: It must be EU.

  3. Tom

    No, it’s the judges and the "human rights" convention, which includes the right not to be deported to wicked regimes, which covers dozens of countries, – Saudi, Algeria, Lybia, Zimbabwe, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Jordan, China, etc etc etc.

    Come one, come all is the new reality for western countries.

  4. A policy completely in accord with post-war Conservative Party traditions – do whatever will make you acceptable in liberal salons.

  5. Boris Johnson said deporting thousands of people working illegally in the UK was "just not going to happen".

    That’s correct, Boris. Just as the authorities did not pay their fares to get here, neither shall the authorities have to incur the costs of getting rid of them. They are illegal and, if properly refused state benefits and rogue employers are properly fined and jailed, then THEY WILL DEPORT THEMSELVES!

    It’s strange how that rather obvious point is never heard nor seen in the communiques from the ruling clique and its propaganda tool.

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