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I have to say that I find him a tad clown-ish BUT he has a populist instinct and it may well lead him to the role of next Conservative Leader.

Boris Johnson has urged Prime Minister David Cameron to stop “pussyfooting around” and invest in major infrastructure projects in London. The Mayor of London told the Evening Standard that money should be spent on projects such as Crossrail 2 and extra river crossings. He said he still supported plans for an airport on an artificial island – dubbed “Boris Island” – in the Thames. A Number 10 spokesman said Mr Cameron had declined to comment. Mr Johnson said: “This is the time to be ambitious about London and what it can do for Britain.

Johnson is saying popular things and in a way I reckon he is outflanking Cameron. Obviously Boris is manoeuvring like mad here and he is doing so with some aplomb. I bet Cameron hates him! Would such a maverick make a good leader though?

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  1. I do find old Boris rather engaging, even if I know he has skilfully cultivated his image. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I would throw him though.

    I was at a disability conference relating to the Olympics/Paralympics where Boris was speaking. He was getting heckled about something and kept asking to be allowed to finish and he’d answered questions later. I was getting annoyed by the hecklers but when he finished his speech, he said he had to leave and buggered off without answering questions as he promised (repeatedly).

  2. Boris seems like a nice bloke and I’d prefer him to Ken or Red Ed any day. However IMO he talks a good fight but there is too much of the whiff of Cameron about him for my taste.
    Once in power I think he would sell us out just like Cameron has done. Cameron gets it charitably called a U turn, I call it him selling out his core voters. Cast Iron Guarantee my arse!
    If I cannot have for PM Norman Tebbit then I’ll take UKIP. However unlikely a PM Farage is. I remain a tory….just that the party has lurched far to the left of me. Blue Labour will NEVER get my vote.

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