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I see that the Christmas Day airline Jihadist organised a conference under the banner “War on Terror Week” as he immersed himself in radical politics while a student in London, The Times has learnt.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, a former president of the Islamic Society at University College London, advertised speakers including political figures, human rights lawyers and former Guantánamo detainees. 

One lecture, Jihad v Terrorism, was billed as “a lecture on the Islamic position with respect to jihad”. 

Security sources are concerned that the picture emerging of his undergraduate years suggests that he was recruited by al-Qaeda in London.

 Security sources said that Islamist radicalisation was rife on university campuses, especially in London, and that college authorities had “a patchy record in facing up to the problem”. 

Got that? Recruited by Al Queda in LONDON. Our government’s pathetic response post 9/11 and then 7/7 has reassured Al Queda that London is a safe house, a school for Jihad, a launching pad for death and mayhem. It is THEIR “patchy record in facing up to the problem” that should concern each and everyone of us.

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  1. A member of the "Islamic Society at University College London" was interviewed on Channel 4 News last night. Although he condemned the attack, he appeared to me to be just short of smirking throughout the interview.

    It seems that this "society" may have been an Al-Queda recruiting ground. We know about one recruit – I wonder how many others will we get to hear about in the future?

  2. The head of UCL was quoted in one of the newspapers this morning as saying that they had no intention of vetting the political or religious activities or backgrounds of any of their students. Unless the govt. acts and forces a real crackdown on this danger and actively dismisses any accusations of ‘insensitivity’ this is a breeding ground that will continue to flourish.

  3. Travelling north on the M6 yesterday I listened to the announcement that the Chinese had executed this criminal.
    Then I listened as every hourly BBC Radio news item then had a wet liberal-leftie commentator viewpoint about the awfulness of this outcome.
    They could not even be bothered to balance their pathetic stance with excerpts from the excellent interview with Leo McKinstry where he totally rubbished the idiot woman from ‘reprieve’ or whatever the tree-hugging organisation is that believes in letting off mass murderers and criminals, giving them 3 weeks in an open prison instead.

    We seem to be doomed to more of this under the tories after next May.

    Well done China.

    Dave: please sort out the BBC when you get in. Reduce their salaries and balance the lefties with some righties – I won’t hold my breath.

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