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Multiculturalism – don’tcha just love it?

The scale of the migrant boom was laid bare yesterday with the revelation that Eastern Europeans make up a quarter of one English town’s population. So many settlers have arrived in Boston, Lincolnshire, that 65 languages are spoken in a market town of only 70,000 inhabitants.

Boston is probably one of the most extreme examples of what happens when there is unfettered immigration but I was amused to read that Hazel Blears – our wonderful "Communities Secretary" believes that it is up to employers to pay for these tens of thousands of immigrants to learn English. She HAS to be kidding, doesn’t she? The bottom line is that Labour has engaged in years of deliberate social engineering and the people of Boston, and elsewhere, pay the price. Can you imagine the costs that this must have for local Boston schools, for local policing, for the local NHS -as they struggle to ensure that they can provide a language translation service of trult Babel-like proportions! 

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One thought on “BOSTON BABEL

  1. You have to rub your eyes in disbelief at this piece of news. Every forth person you meet on the streets of this small, rural, agricultural town, is a foreigner.
    All in the space of 10 years!

    The Labour party will pay dearly for this terrible betrayal of their people. When they get annihilated at the next general election, they will be gone once and for all time.

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