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Prince Harry is back in Afghanistan. Unlike his first tour, which came to light when Drudge ignored a secrecy agreement with the media, his deployment this time was reported. The locals have given him a swift welcome, launching an attack on Camp Bastion where he’s based. According to Sky News, Taliban commanders have confirmed that Harry was the target. He’s fine, but sadly two American soldiers fell while repulsing the attack.

If Harry was the target then he must be redeployed. He wouldn’t like it. Apparently he’s a fine officer and he wants to be in Afghanistan. In addition, we’ve spent a fortune putting him through Sandhurst and teaching him how to fly Apaches. The bottom line, however, is that if he’s a bullet-magnet then his presence is a liability. If the Taliban did launch that attack in the hope of getting him, then two young Americans have been killed because of his presence. Confirm the situation, make a simple decision, get him out.

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20 thoughts on “BRING HARRY BACK

  1. First off the Drudge Report is a news aggregating site, Matt Drudge writes nothing but the caption line that link to articles written by others. So how do you blame someone for leaking information that was in someone else’s story. Printed in the Telegraph? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/afghanistan/9544864/British-troops-help-fight-off-Taliban-attack-on-Afghan-milit

    Second the camps that they have set up in Afghanistan are clustered in certain areas, the British camp that Prince Harry is in never even came under fire. It was an Attack on the American Camp, several were wounded and 2 died.

    The Tallywackers read the internet news also you know, their not sitting around gathering information via tin cans and string, they took credit for targeting harry after the Telegraph ran the story that they hit the camp next to his. but oh I know they are so smart they were aiming for Harry knew the camp he was in, but blew up the wrong one.

    This is getting ridiculous, Where is David? ATW is becoming the Pete More Site. I’m bombastic and obnoxious but before doing a post I check the sources. If it’s an opinion piece I present it as such. I certainly don’t make charges that another site violated secrecy acts or agreements that only repeat stories printed somewhere else.

    The Prince god bless his soul, is carrying on the Family tradition and serving his country. From what I hear and what he recently showed us all, he’s got a set of Balls. He isn’t hiding behind a desk somewhere in a Generals office.

    He shows true British spirit, guts and a sense of humor. He would be a fine King if it falls to him.

  2. by the by, the first story Drudge linked to about Harry and his Military Deployments was in June of 2011, it was a link to a story published in the Sun


    Making accusations against a website that gets these kind of numbers

    042,098,060 IN PAST 24 HOURS
    992,136,132 IN PAST 31 DAYS
    10,357,524,876 IN PAST YEAR

    might not be the smartest stance.

  3. Troll –

    1) I cited Drudge because of the numerous reports at the time that he had broken the media blackout.

    2) I said that Camp Bastion had come under attack because the BBC report, to which I link in the post, said so.

    3) I didn’t credit the Taliban with any particular knowledge of Harry’s whereabouts. In fact I suggested that the attack might have been launched “in the hope of getting him”.

    4) As you well know, DV’s laptop is kaput.

    5) While ATW is not the Pete Moore Show, I’d have thought that posters would have hauled a bit more timber while DV is away. I believe you colonials call it stepping up to the mark. We call it chipping in, doing your bit, contributing, if you don’t mind being arsed.

    6) You’re permanently on the blob these days. Cheer up you miserable git.

  4. don’t get your knickers in a knot.

    Of course you will find numerous stories linked to the Drudge report on any and every topic, he is a News Aggregator. An aggregator is a site that posts links to OTHER peoples stories.

    Drudge is a bear you don’t want to poke. He gets almost 1 BILLION hits a month, it costs over a half a million dollars to run an add on his site just once. You made an accusation. Now we are a small site of really no consequence in his arena, but he has stomped other sites for less.

    As for my attitude of late, yes it has been more cantankerous than usual. I grow weary of the same old fights and with the change of temperature I get cranky.

    As for carrying the weight you and I have picked up the bulk, others have not please see my latest post.

    Pete you write good stuff that evoke great conversations, I hope you know that I like you and respect you. If I stomp on you from time to time it is out of disagreement with your point of view, nothing personal.

    but do us all a favor don’t fuck with Drudge, he does not play nice. I’d rather take on both the American and British SS than deal with his focus when it gets destructive.

  5. Troll –

    Click on the link in my post at 1) immediately above. It will show you the numerous reports of Drudge breaking the blackout. Stone the crows, in one of them he he even admits that he did so.

    Tell that Drudge boy I’m in Essex. He’s welcome to visit anytime.

  6. two things read line 4 of the post Drudge put up and then tell me who broke the story. Drudge sparked it world wide but he wasn’t the first. and second he ain’t gonna come and get us, but you still don’t want to report half truths, as if they were facts. The Germans and the Australians put it out in their little ponds first, Drudge just opened it to the world and laughed about it.


    Thu Feb 28 2008 11:37:52 ET

    They’re calling him “Harry the Hero!”

    British Royal Prince Harry has been fighting in Afghanistan since late December — and has been directly involved in battle.

    Australian magazine NEW IDEA and the German daily BILD have broken world embargoes on the development. CNN has debated internally on the merits of reporting Harry at war.

    The prince, a junior officer in the Blues and Royals, and third in line to the throne, has been a “magnificent soldier” and an “inspiration to all of Briton.”

    Prince Harry is talking part in a new offensive against the Taliban.

    Ministry of Defense and Clarence House refuse all comment. Army chiefs have managed to keep the prince away from media and have encourage fellow soldiers in his squadron to stay quiet.


  7. Why don’t you write a post why they should all come home Daphne, a nice case displaying your reasoning on the matter?

  8. Prince Harry wants to serve his country, as English Kings and Princes of old have done. Same with Prince William. IMO They must be allowed to do so. We berate our Royals for being spongers, wasters and figureheads, but then when a couple of fine young men want to prove their worth, they’re told they are bullet magnets.
    Lord Mounbatten captained HMS Kelly, Prince Philip served, and Prince Andrew, in theatres of war. That’s how it should be.

  9. Agit8ed

    He is not serving his country out there. He is serving a pointless wasteful political game –

  10. Colm,
    If you mean the whole Afghanistan project, I totally agree, but all the time our Government persists with this nonsense by sending our young people out there, then Prince William should be there too.
    We all know that as soon as the Allies pull out Afghanistan will descend into chaos again. Only the Afghan people can change their country.

  11. Every single American and British soldier in Afghanistan is a ‘bullet magnet’.

    ‘Only the Afghan people can change their country.’

    If that’s the case, then what the hell are all those Yanks and Brits doin’ out there? Send them home and let the Afghan people sort it out themselves.

    ‘He would be a fine King if it falls to him.’

    When he’s not cavorting naked with girls in Vegas 😉

  12. From what I see the Taliban etc are generally unpopular there, but I see little evidence that we have honest allies among the locals who want to fight.

  13. Seimi,
    Harry’s a young man. A young, single man. Perhaps he thought he was well out of the limelight there. Perhaps he was naive. We ain’t having any more kings in the older understanding of that term, and I doubt Harry has the temperament for the modern version anyway. William probably has.

    IMV the reality is it is impossible to go into an Islamic country and impose western values on it. It never worked, and it won’t work now. Afghanistan is made up of people who probably change their tribal loyalties more times than you do your underpants.
    “Shock and Awe?!
    That’s what the Iraqis are going through now. Only the armaments companies profited out of that episode.

  14. what a joke he is, Bastion gets attacked and he gets ‘whisked’ away by bodyguards. wow what a fighter! No doubt his grandma will probably give him a rake of medals just for hearing some gunfire lol

  15. Thankfully ive no war stories, which is on a par with with the ginger prince. Pity all british service personal dont have minders to ‘whisk’ them away when the bad men come.

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