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I think it says it all about the perverted values of our Government that it puts the lives of SAS soldiers at risk so that they can extricate four terror suspects from likely execution overseas. Naturally, the four alleged Jihadists were released on to Britain’s streets hours after being rescued by the Government. 

The four, who are British citizens of North-African origin in their twenties, were seized on the Kenyan border with Somalia by special forces – possibly the SAS, who are known to be operating in the area. They were reportedly trying to escape from Somalia where they were suspected of fighting in a Jihadi struggle with terrorists linked to Al Qaeda.

Get that? Four Britains – (Muslims naturally) – fighting Jihad overseas! And what to do we do when the lawful forces that they are waging Jihad against capture them? Yes- spring ’em from captivity, whisk them back to freedom and liberty in good old Blighty. Unbelievable.

Sooner, rather than later, these emboldened Jihadists will strike again in the UK, and our Government will ONLY have itself to blame for the ensuing carnage. It actually now IMPORTS Jihadists – rather than permit foreign Governments to deal with them! How we can win a war on terror when our Government colludes with the terrorists????

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  1. David, This beggers belief! It seems these 4 had been in that al-queda training camp that we americans attacked. Seems from the article many of your citizens were there. Are you sure Britian doesn’t need a Gitmo, besides Wales I mean!

  2. ‘insufficient evidence to arrest them’

    Isnt that grounds for an argument in favour of the 90 days legislation? Poor old police.

  3. Interesting link Shay. It shows how differently the same type of suspect is treated in the US and in Britian.

    "Daniel Joseph Maldonado, 28, also known as Daniel Aljughaifi, was ordered held without bail Tuesday on federal charges of undergoing military training with a terrorist organization and conspiring to use a destructive device."

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