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Have we the stirrings of a revolution?

“Strikes have been breaking out across the UK in support of a mass walkout by energy workers in Lincolnshire angry at the use of foreign workers. Hundreds gathered for the third day of the original strike at Lindsey Oil Refinery after owner Total gave a £200m contract to an Italian firm. They have been supported by hundreds of other “sympathy” strikers in Scotland, Wales and other parts of England.”

“Bobby Buirds, a regional officer for the union Unite in Scotland, today said the workers at Grangemouth were striking to protect British jobs.

‘The argument is not against foreign workers, it’s against foreign companies discriminating against British labour.

‘If the job of these mechanical contractors at INEOS finishes and they try and get jobs down south, the jobs are already occupied by foreign labour and their opportunities are decreasing.

‘This is a fight for work. It is a fight for the right to work in our own country. It is not a racist argument at all.’

Unions will hold another meeting of Scottish shop stewards in Glasgow this afternoon, and a further meeting on Monday, he said.”

Mmm, where will this one go? Many many UK companies are foreign owned and have legal access to an EU wide workforce so the Gordon Brown line about “British jobs for British people” was a lie, as I recall pointing out at the time. However as more and more Brits lose their jobs, and foreign nationals replace them, who is t say what will happen?

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  1. "No more boom or bust"…"These are the birth pangs of a new world order"…"British jobs for British workers".

    Every time this stupid bastard opens his mouth he shoves his hoof in it.

    Brown is finished. He’s dead. He’s dead’r than a dead dingo’s donger.

  2. These economic times will strain the EU far more than ever before.

    While everyone in Florida will regard Californians as fellow citizens, it’s just not the same thing from one end of Europe to another and may never be.

    And still there are some who want to bring Turkey in, and who scoff at attempts to restrict immigration?

    Stand by. Its going to be interesting.

  3. So here’s the great betrayal of the Britain and the British working class.

    Total has done nothing illegal (according to EU ‘law’), every major British political party supports the supremacy of EU ‘law’, not a single major British political party will ever demurr from enforcing EU ‘law’, yet here Britons are stuffed because of EU ‘law’.

    So much for Parliament and sovereignty and democracy – pish.

  4. How does the British jobs soundbite add up when there are thousand and thousands of offshore jobs going to India?
    Especially considering that Satyam is the Indian equivalent of Enron – rotten to the core.

    Why has this not been give anty air time?

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