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It’s a telling example of modern Britain and how sophisticated we have become, yes?

“A gay man who donated sperm to his lesbian ex-wife is demanding overnight and holiday contact with her two-year-old son. She and her female partner are fighting his demands, saying he has ‘betrayed’ a ‘pact’ made before the child was conceived under which  the father would have only ‘limited’ parental rights.”

Suffer little children?

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3 thoughts on “BROKEN BRITAIN?

  1. Plain old fashion begrudgery fuels this little “soap-opera”.

    It has nothing to do with the gender situation.

  2. kateyo – try taking the hip progressive goggles off for a moment and look at this from the kids pov.
    It makes a helluva difference. Kids are cruel and swift to spot and exploit differences. He’ll have the piss ripped out of him all his life.

    Lord of the Flies – ring any bells? Children are inherently evil maliciouis little bleeders.

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