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I understand a couple of my fellow ATW writers will be attending.  I wish I could be there with them and I wish all marchers the very best of good fortune.  What march am I talking about?  The march planned for today in Brussels protesting against the creeping Islamisation of Europe.  In a display of crass cowardice, the authorities in Brussels have banned the march, but the demonstrators have said they will go ahead anyway.  That’s what I call conviction.

Figures are startling.  Islam is 3.5% of the population in the UK, Belgium, Denmark and Germany; 5% in Holland; and 6% in France.  At first glance the figures do not seem to be threatening.  However, we are talking about a community whose birth rate (although the fastest declining of all the major religions) is still significantly higher than that of Christians, and who are forecast to be over 10% of the continent’s population by the latter half of this century (20% at a stroke if Turkey is given EU membership!!).  It’s not just the figures.  Muslims have already shown themselves to be an enormous pain in the arse with comparatively small numbers.  Drenched with arrogance to the same degree as one would drench a pork pie in mushy peas on bonfire night, Muslims believe (mistakenly) they are on to a winner in the face of current spinelessness from Europe’s various establishments.  What would they be like once that critical mass is achieved?

I don’t like Islam and, on the whole, I don’t like the people who follow it.  I consider it to be a cult, not a religion, and the biggest threat to global peace since the termination of World War II.  I am not interested in the oft-spoken weasel words of those figures, important and insignificant alike, who shout their praises from the rooftops. I prefer my everyday experiences and the experiences of hundreds of thousands more who see trouble emerging in every country Muslims have chosen to migrate to in large quantities.  If this demonstration can highlight the ongoing and ever-present cultural and religious threat to this continent, so much the better.


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