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How many of you believe the Republican’s even with control of Both Houses of Congress would actually follow through on Impeaching President Biden ? How many of you believe they will investigate the Millions in Chinese money funneled through his drug addict son Hunter ?

Even with the glaring criminality we are witnessing as the Biden’s destroy the nations resources turning us over to be a customer of Chinese to power everything we own, and profiting from it. While at the same time Speaker Pelosi’s January 6th Soviet Persecution Committee spearheads the destruction of American Due Process, while trying to outlaw the Republican Party, especially punishing anyone who ever uttered a word of support for Trump. Those people have committed Treason. The opposition does nothing, they may only be able to accomplish a little resistance in Congress, but except for 3 or 4 most are dead silent instead of screaming from the rooftop’s about the illegal nonsense the Democrats are doing, and pursuing.

As the Democrats dismantle our Country the “Opposition Party” led by the Turtle Mitch McConnel won’t do a Damn thing, and neither will the Shyster McCarthy in the House. While the Republicans had complete control of both the House and the Senate during Trump’s first two years, both of these men did everything the could to block him and his agenda. If they gain the Majority in the Midterms they will more likely do nothing to stop Biden’s sellout of our Nation instead work with him and call it “Bi-Partisanship”.

The entire Dept. of Justice needs to be investigated and prosecuted over abuse of power and Dozens of other Felonies. They have been caught and even admitted to committing Felonies on behalf of Democrats to Frame Donald Trump, and anyone associated with him. This can not be allowed to stand as a precedent. When was the last time you Trusted to get the truth from the FBI, or that they wouldn’t Lie Under Oath. I find it very hard to Trust that even if we held both Houses and Trump gets re=elected that the Congress will prosecute any of the abuse and Criminality that has taken place at the DOJ/FBI/NSA.

The January 6th Committee is a Stalinist Persecution of the Democrats Political Opposition. they say they are justified in doing so because anyone who says the Election was Stolen is Threat to the Country and has Committed Treason.

Here is 12 minutes of Democrats saying Trump stole the Election I guess this is Treason also, so where are the Persecution and Prosecution of these People ?

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2 thoughts on “Bullsh** things ain’t right !

  1. Meanwhile decent people guilty of no more than trespassing in a publicly owned building.
    They remain in solitary confinement.
    No trial no family visitation, no medical treatment no legal representation for going on 450days.

    Its barbaric.

    That’s the kind of thing Saudis do not America.

    It shames your country.

  2. As the DOJ were dropping Charges against the the people that work for Late night Comic Colbert, in the very next room in the court they were sentencing a 69yr old woman who is dying of breast cancer to 2 months more in Jail for the same exact crime.

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