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The problem with the political establishment is that it ALWAYS takes care of its own – even when we boot them out of power. Just consider this;

FORMER Irish PM  Brian Cowen will get a taxpayer-funded pension worth more than €150,000 every year for the rest of his life.

His predecessor Bertie Ahern will pocket €152,331 annually. Mr Cowen is already entitled to the payment, even though he is only 51 — 14 years younger than the normal pension age.

And another 28 former ministers are entitled to annual payments worth more than €100,000. These include corrupt former justice minister Ray Burke, who served time in jail. Others getting more than €100,000 include former arts minister Martin Cullen and ex-health minister Mary Harney, who gets €129,805. Former Ceann Comhairle John O’Donoghue — who resigned amid public uproar over his lavish expenses — will get €119,177 annually, the same amount as former finance minister Charlie McCreevy. Pensions experts last night said private sector workers would have to amass pension funds of up to €6m to get such generous payments. Mr Ahern’s and Mr Cowen’s pensions would cost between €5m and €6m each, while Mr Burke’s is worth around €3m.

When one surveys the wreck of the Irish economy, and the genuine pain many people are experiencing, isn’t it a SCANDAL that these political parasites continue to feed off the taxpayer? If there was any fairness, any integrity, they would hang their heads in shame and refuse this largesse. Instead, they hold out their hands and greedily accept. Ain’t life grand when you are a crooked politician?

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3 thoughts on “BUSINESS AS NORMAL

  1. Irish political patronage knows no bounds!


    It’s never going to be eraticated from the genetic make-up because it’s roots go deep into the culture. Ah sure, it even infects the local pub rat crowd.

  2. A sin.

    Yes, that’s the right photo to have put up there.

    My relations in Ireland contribute more to the economy than any of these sons of bitches, and there will be no €150,000 pensions for them I assure you.

    Like the American politicians – every last one of them – the Irish politicians take care of their own, first, foremost, and always.

  3. Thomas diLorenzo yesterday: “As I have often said, the true purpose of government is for those who run it to plunder those who do not.”

    The millions of man hours of labour and sweat it takes to build pension pots of that size is incalculable. The enterprise and risk in the productive sector required to pay such things is astonishing, and along come a bunch of legal gangsters, people who couldn’t dream of such riches honestly earned, to plunder deeply.

    I honestly wish these parasites the worst.

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