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As I read of the Marikana evidence recalled from the hard drives of a senior South African Policeman, I see multiple and random death, but fail to see one ounce of the shock and disgust which rained down on the South African Police and Government at the time of the Sharpeville killings.

When 69 black people died at the hands and bullets of those South African policemen, the headlines blurred, so fast did they cry and condemn. There was universal condemation, and ever-so-righteous anger because rioting black people had been crushed and killed by an uncaring and unheeding White- and -Afrikaner dominated Government.

Fast forward fifty-two years, past the ‘free elections’ and into the ‘Rainbow world’, and not much has changed. True, the Black man has gripped the power, and the Afrikaaner is desolate and, in some  cases dying, but no-one really cares. The old ‘totalitarian Regime’ of the Nationalists is no more, the A.N.C. rules, and we can all go back to sleep, because the ‘Struggle’ has been won; or has it?

34 dead in Marikana, shot down by Police armed with automatic weaponry. Not many headlines; no international outcry, not much happening! Have they placed something in the water, or is it okay because the ANC are Black, and Black government can do no wrong?

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One thought on “but that was in another country…

  1. lol you expect tears?

    These are daily headlines.

    Today in passing 13 people were shot in gunfree chicago including a 3yr old.

    There is a whole in the human soul that if left unfilled by god is eagerly filled by evil. We are a flawed species that is it’s own greatest threat.

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