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(CNN)New York City’s famed 21 Club restaurant will be “indefinitely ceasing operations,” a restaurant union president told CNN.

Bill Granfield, president of the Unite Here Local 100 labor union, says he received a letter on December 9 stating the restaurant is closing and all employees will be permanently terminated on March 9, 2021. The union represents 120 of the restaurant’s approximately 140 workers, according to Granfield.
The 21 Club closed on March 16 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and has not reopened.
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7 thoughts on “But you might catch a cold

  1. World has taken leave of its senses alright. Shield the vulnerable ok but let’s get the economies moving. This virus with its terrifyingly low death rate 0.4% or thereabouts. Carry on like this and while most of us will survive, the world around us will be in ruins.

  2. Carry on like this and while mist of us will survive but the world around us will be in ruins

    You lot may want to have a word with the mask shirkers and Covid deniers.

    Which can mean challenging your own politically motivated ignorance on this subject.

    The restaurants in Asia are open, because there are no whiney whingers there.

    You guys ignore the elephant in the room. You.

  3. Why doesn’t someone just phone up Jacinda Ardern and ask what it is they seem to be doing right?

  4. Phantom. I’m not denying Covid has caused deaths nor an I refusing to wear a mask . In fact here it’s the law to wear one in certain locations. Nor am I against social distancing.
    BUT I question the whole efficacy of lockdowns. We’ve been doing this since March. Yet here we are.
    My objection is doing the same thing over and over and clearly its ineffective AND as a bonus its destruction of our economy is unquestionable.

  5. Senate Majority Whip John Thune said that Joe Biden is president-elect once he crosses 270 electoral votes and says efforts to challenge the results in Congress is “not going anywhere.” He said “it’s time for everybody to move on” after today.

    sorry but there’s no thread , or I stay in lane # atw wankers

  6. They don’t care DIG the pro Lockdown mask are convinced they’re right and the rest of will do as they say or else. They’ve destroyed 100s of thousands of family businesses in this country god knows how many world wide and their attitude is “oh well it had to be done”

    The fact that nothing has gotten better and the virus has continued to spread and thrive is irrelevant. The trama, destruction and death from these lockdowns will long outlast and outweigh the dead from the virus.

    The psychological damage they’ve done to the children will manifest their entire lives and not in good ways.

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