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I’m touched.

“Once an IRA member, then Sinn Fein’s deputy first minister in Northern Ireland has been given the title Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead”


Really? When did he leave, exactly and what did he DO when in the IRA? Ah, the good old Belfast Telegraph never asks awkward question, far too busy brown-nosing for that!

As a further insult to common decency, Marty is going to get a £50,000 pay off for stepping down as an MP even though he has never ONCE showed up for any debate or has ever taken his seat. As  a proud Irish Republican, I am sure Bailiff MccGuinness will refuse this British money.

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  1. Paul, the money isn’t from any salary from the appointment. The appointment is due to an old rule that MPs can’t resign but that taking a crown appointment makes you ineligible to sit in the Commons (theoretically if Martin McGuinness had tried to enter the chamber without swearing an oath to the auld sauerkraut the same thing would have happened anyway without the nonsense). The position has no duties or salary. It is just there because the British are so completely antiquated that no one has ever thought of passing a law allowing MPs to resign.

    The money that the article mentions is what is known as a Winding‐Up Allowance. It is there so that former MPs can close down their offices (paying off the remainder of leases, redundancy payments for staff etc) without incurring personal losses.

  2. I’m aware of what the money is for Seamus, (apart from the fact that it explains that in the Beltel piece).

    The link I provide states that in his resignation McGuinness will not accept ‘any office of profit under the crown’

  3. Maybe it is the title Butcher Boy, but somehow I can’t get Bugs Bunny saying “Arise Sir Loin of Beef” out of my head.

    Old Martin is simply the latest in a parade of dubious people who have been awarded titles. A suggestion, end the entire practice.

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