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Liberalism again makes a case for being classified as a mental disorder.

SACRAMENTO (CBS/AP) – Transgender students would have the right to use public school restrooms and participate on sports teams that correspond with their expressed genders under a bill approved Thursday in the California Assembly.

In English, that means if Californian boys want to use the girls’ changing rooms and toilets then they have the right to do so. Citizens are warned that if the randy 14 year old down the road wants to get naked next to your daughter, tough. If you disagree, you’re a bigot.

I say let bigotry reign.

Need I say that parents should do everything possible to keep their children from the nonces, weirdos and perverts who infest government schools?

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16 thoughts on “CALIFORNICATION

  1. It used to be that the deeply confused might be given some counseling.

    Now, they’re told that they are entirely sane, and that it is normal society that is close minded if they don’t go along with an extended game of ” let’s pretend ”

    This isn’t compassionate, and it isn’t right.

  2. S’alright Pete,
    I wasn’t sure whether it was actually true or not. Really wacky, really perverted.

  3. ot
    I told you I got Scarpa boots with a 28 day no quibble guarantee? Well having worn them for a week now I am not convinced these are the boys for me. My sister has Chris Brasher boots and rates them.
    Any suggestions?

  4. Agit8ed –

    I forgot to tell you to get out in them in case there are problems.

    Are they tight? If so you might have a British foot. I used to wear Scarpas until they changed the last (a “last” is the size and shape of the mould for footwear) and they became too narrow for me. Italian feet tend to be more narrow than British feet, so they’re out for me for now. In fact French feet are more narrow, so that’s Salomon out too.

    An option is to have the boots heated and re-shaped, but I’d say go for another pair from scratch.

    Brasher is a decent brand and renowned for their comfort. The Brasher Hillmaster has been around for years and some people swear by them. Berghaus is a British brand designed for British-shaped bodies and conditions too. I’ve noticed also that The North Face make wider boots and Merrell has always been comfortable for me (I have extremely wide feet).

    My current hiking boot is the Anatom Q2. Anatom is a young British firm and they’re as good as anything I’ve worn. Each boot comes in a range of widths, and the build quality and leather are first class. I got them in the Covent Garden Cotswold Outdoor so the Norwich branch should stock them.

    I’ve just thought – what’s the problem with the Scarpas? Some people have problems simply because they don’t lace boots correctly. And do you prefer leather or fabric?

  5. I find Them a little tight across the widest part of the foot although I can wiggle my toes. I have got quite wide feet and hands. Does anyone design for moles?
    Quite strange really as |I used to buy my outdoor shoes from Hawkshead, Cumbria and they were Italian made, but so comfortable right from putting them on. I have some that are 15 years old.

    I haven’t bought actual walking boots for some years and I was expecting them to be a little stiff, perhaps tight, but very quickly supremely comfortable. like my old navy boots.
    Perhaps I will try a pair of Brashers, or take a run to Cotswold Outdoor and try your Anatom ‘posh boy’ boots…
    Thanks for the advice.

  6. Agit8ed –

    As I said, the continental brands seem to have become more narrow in recent years. I was having trouble finding boots to fit my very wide feet until I tried the Anatom. The Q2 is their all-round hiking model.

    I also have The North Face Hedgehog for hot days. These are very comfortable, both in the way they fit and because they’re fabric, but over more than a few miles they won’t give as much support as the Anatom. If you’re going to try a fabric boot then Merrell also make them wide.

    When you go back into Cotswold Outdoor ask the fitter about lacing. This can make a big difference. For example I don’t tighten laces across the forefoot (the widest bit), then I put a holding knot in at the top of the forefoot and then lace them tight to the top of the rest of the boot, so my ankle is tight but not my foot. There are various ways you can diddle the lacing to give a variety in how the boot fits.

  7. This is quite amazing if it’s true as reported:


    A Roman Catholic school called in a gay rights group to give staff lessons in how to stop homophobic bullying after claims a five-year-old boy called another pupil’s shoes “gay”.

    Stonewall resources for primary schools are based around a pack called “Different Families, Same Love”, which teaches the message that same-sex couple households are equal to those founded on marriage between heterosexuals.

    Children are taught not to use the word “gay” derisively, even if they say it to mean “bad” or “rubbish”, because it would upset children who might be gay or might have gay parents.

    Let’s be clear – the ‘gay’ lobby really is targetting children.L

  8. PS – I don’t think the School should have overreacted to the ‘Gay shoes’ incident but in principle I admire the willingness of the School to be broad minded enough to allow the pupils to hear different points of view.

  9. Government schools are always broadminded enough now to allow political homosexuality in the classroom.

    However, we know what would happen to any teacher “broadminded” enough to teach a patriotic, traditional, conservative message.

    Career over.

  10. Don’t opress me


    They’re few and far between but when you do have your moments they’re quite good.

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