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The Reconciliation Bill that they are calling, The Inflation Reduction Act, The Slimmed down Build Back Better Act, or just the plane Screw the American People Act is a heaping steaming pile.

One of the many Insults in this Bill is the new IRS workers Democrats are making the IRS bigger than the Pentagon, the Department of State, the FBI, and the Border Patrol COMBINED! They intend to intimidate people, for every Dime they can get. They know that the average person will panic at an Audit. They will panic not because they’ve done anything wrong, but because they know it won’t matter. They will also not be able to afford a CPA & Tax Lawyer to defend themselves. They will pay out of fear. I ask, is this a tactic that any government should employ against the people, especially ours? They are supposed to be working for us towards our benefit. Are they not ?

On top of the persecution of the American People from the IRS Every Democrat in the Senate, and the House Just VOTED FOR and passed an increase in Gas Taxes. While at the same time they authorize buying $360 BILLION dollars worth of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines… FROM THE CHINESE…. yeah that’s good for America. The Bill shut’s down Coal & Natural Gas Powered Electric Plants across the entire Country. Two natural commodities that we posses the worlds largest supply of in trade for two commodities that are wholly owned by the Chinese Government. Making the ability of the American People to Heat, Cool, even just keep the lights on in our homes at the mercy of a Chinese supply line.

The most devastating part of this Act is that the largest part of it. It is the groundwork for transitioning ALL Americans out of their Gas Powered Cars & Trucks and into an Electric Vehicle. The Federal Government has decide that We the People will no longer use vehicles powered by gasoline. In the name of their God Climate Change We the People will comply. We will be forced to comply by the elimination of anymore gas vehicles allowed to be produced by 2030, less than 7 years away while they drive the cost of a gallon of Gas to over $10 a gallon making it impossible to buy.

The IRS agents and Corporate Tax increases which will be passed on to We the People will be what pays for the replacement of Gas Stations with Electric Charging Stations all of whose Charging Pumps are also made in China. I ask my fellow American’s did anyone ask YOU if this is what you want?

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3 thoughts on “Call this Bill what you want, it’s SH**

  1. Help me understand the economics here. Money taken from companies, splurged on woke priorities. Companies up prices to recover funds taken from them. Consumers pay more. So here’s the question. Increasing prices…how does that reduce inflation? To me a simple soul it looks like your barbecue charcoal is dying down. So you throw a bucket of petrol on it. Expecting the liquid to put out the fire. I suggest that far from reducing inflation , it will have a significant effect in INCREASING inflation. But maybe I’m wrong? Convince me.

  2. If it makes sense DIG run…. It doesn’t reduce shit. It increases inflation while further destroying the economy…. but it’s a good renaming of the Green New Deal.

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