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camewron.jpgDavid Cameron’s attempt to "fight back" against his plummeting poll numbers starts today. Beating his chest in a display of imagined bravado, The Daily Cameron reports that Call Me Dave has declared that in order to help fix the "broken society" (aka his broken poll numbers) he wants to return to teachers the power to manage disruption in their classrooms. Parents would lose the right to appeal to local education authorities when their children are excluded from schools under Tory plans. " I believe schools should be independent but headteachers should be captain of their own ship," he said Good behaviour agreements between parents and schools would also be introduced to set out codes of behaviour that pupils should adhere to. Parents would be obliged to sign the documents before their children gained admission to schools.

What a crock. For starters, there would be dozens of "human rights" lawyers queueing up to take a case against a school that did as Cameron suggests, and the financial risk to any headmaster who excluded some feral youth would be significant. The only way to re-assert REAL discipline in the classroom would be for the UK to withdraw from the Human Rights Act, so providing the freedom for teachers to control their more riotous students. That is not on Cameron’s agenda and so it is that he projects more soundbites as poor substitute for substantive policy. People see through Cameron, he’s been rumbled as "B" Division Blair with slicked back hair and slicked back PR statements masquerading as policies.

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  1. When I was a schoolkid discipline was not a problem. Why did we let it become one? We did not have signed good behaviour agreements but we all knew what was expected of us and authority was not a dirty word.

  2. Its like his ridiculous pledge to withdraw from the Social Chapter – which no longer exists and has been subsumed into other legislation anyway. But it sounds good to the ignorant faithful…

  3. The English Democrats are predicting an October election to take advantage of the "Brown bounce" and to catch the Tories off guard as their conference is at the end of September.

    Personally, I think that is unlikely, but policies like this (half baked and incoherent) are not going to help Cameron make up the difference.

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