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The thing about being a nominal Conservative is that eventually some of the sheep work it out but what they then aim to do about it is truly amazing …

More than a third of people who voted Conservative at the last election will refuse to back David Cameron in future,

Rejoice? Right? At last a desire for authentic Conservatism? Nope..read on…

“..but the Tories will not stay in power by drifting to the Right, research has found.”

Ah, that oh so elusive research,  So to stay in power the Conservatives  need to take on more Liberal Democrat values..you know, the folks who want to force gay marriage, wreck the Lords, put a windmill in every front room etc.

So, in summary, people reckon that Cameron is getting weaker and weaker on he economy, so he could lose 30% of those who supported him in 2010, but on the other hand if he becomes more leftward, then he MIGHT get back,.

Simple message; Under NO circumstances vote Conservative. 

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8 thoughts on “CAMERON’S LEGACY..

  1. So what does this prove David?
    The last and greatest motivating factor for humans is survival!
    We share this with all mammals, but uniquely we alone can vocalise/conceptualise it.

    David Cameron is NOT of the same calibre as a Winston Churchill or even a Gladstone or a Disraeli (the Jew) or a Baldwin or a Bevan or even a Cripps…

    What we loooooong for is a man or woman of PRINCIPLE.
    Margaret Thatcher was the last example of a Statesman who put Britain first.
    Blair was an egccentric “please please like me! I’m really cool..” fraud.
    Brown a socialist misfit,
    Cameron a turncoat; ashamed of his privileged background “use my child as a street-cred caring Conservative/closet Liberal….”

  2. I would disagree with your point about Thatcher Agit? Thatcher regularly did things that people would now attack Conservative leaders for doing now. It was Thatcher, after all, who signed the Single European Act and continued to support Ronald Reagan despite his at least nominal support for Argentina in the buildup to the Falklands and his invasion of a Commonwealth country without even lifting a phone to tell her.

  3. I suspect that “..but the Tories will not stay in power by drifting to the Right, research has found” has more to do with Lord Ashcroft constructing the findings than with reality. He’s trying to steer the party to his liking.

    One wonders what else Cameron must do to convince Tory voters he’s an enemy of British liberty.

    The Prime Minister ruled out campaigning for Britain to leave the single market as he mounted a rigorous defence of the benefits of membership […]

    In an interview, with the Telegraph, Mr Cameron was asked if he could ever envisage campaigning as Prime Minister for Britain to leave the EU.

    He replied: “I don’t think we should leave the EU.

    It cannot be any clearer. Any conservative who wants the EU out of our lives simply cannot vote Tory.

    There will be no “renegotiation of powers”, which Cameron stupidly drones on about. That never was possible because unanimity is required after full-scale negotitations and that’s a non-starter. Now he gives up the one chance of leverage in the EU anyway. You’d want to play poker against this fool.

    Bottom line: there is not the slightest reason for any conservative to vote for this treasonous rabble.

  4. Conservatives(?) really are a dense bunch, aren’t they? They had an opportunity to elect a leader with a laudable CV who did not have a priveleged background and who was not part of the Establishment’s clique but instead chose an Etonian fop whose ‘career’ comprises one job – that of a PR advisor. Is there anything about Cameron at all which would have made him worthy of the position of PM? The fact that there is not and the fact that he is there shows how degraded the position has become.

  5. I am an ex-Tory party member but now am a member of UKIP. Yes I know that UKIP need to up their game, but I cannot imagine voting for any party with Cameron as a leader. By the way, I voted for Davis.

  6. In an attempt to bring some sense to this debate , could I suggest Sarah Palin for P.M.

    Sorry .

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