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women in various burqa styles


“To some it’s an object of oppression, to others a graceful and modest form of expression. Elizabeth Day meets the women determined to make Islamic dress both a statement of choice – and fashion”

To me, the Burqa is a repugnant outward and visible manifestation of dark ages suppression.

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  1. Burqa as fashion? sure…

    First, let’s start to express ourselves with the burqa – clothing that resembles a large opaque bedspread.

    we’ll start by switching out the fabric – let’s try a light-weight “Georgette” fabric – a bit transparent with good flow and “hang” – we’ll keep the traditional burqa silouette but we’ll shorten the hemline to above the knees in front and add some decorative beading to the hem in back.

    Let’s also make it a bit more form fitting around the bust and give it a hood – it now resembles a dramatic cape in a flowing transparent fabric.

    Not everyone can wear black so I think we should offer the burqa in a bright burnt orange (for the daring) as well as a warm beige for the blonds…

    in other words, fashion defeats the purpose of the burqa and anyone who says otherwise is propagandizing for radical Islam.

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