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A TORY MP has been snapped playing Candy Crush, which is apparently a computer game, during a select committee hearing. The Sun has the incriminating pic. Scandalous, and all that.

Well not really. The scandal is that someone sanpped him at it, according t Parliamentary authorities, who have launched an investigation into how someone defiled the dignity of esteemed MPs by taking a pic of Nigel Mills MP playing the game.

Mills has spologised, but it’s wasted on me. I wish they’d all spend their days playing games instead of thinking up new ways of sticking the boot into society. For the avoidance of doubt: what Mills did was incomparably more productive than any government ‘work’ ever could be.

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  1. Come on ATW, this blog site is dying on it’s feet (or foot).

    How about a post about the richest man in Russia forking out $4 million for James Watson’s Nobel prise medal, and then giving it back to him + the money in cash.
    Together, Crick & Watson made the most momentous discovery in human history (the basis for life on earth), and this Russian oligarch wants to show his appreciation for Watson’s contribution, and work in other fields.

    Sanctions against Russia means this news item has been barely mentioned:

  2. We have our resident Watson, Bernard…he has been embroiled in controversy since his discovery, for both his scientific and political work. He has been accused of using results discovered by other scientists without being authorised to do so, as well as being attacked for his political views.

    He has supported the selective abortion of gay children, endorsed the view that dark-skinned people have higher sex drives and was forced to retire as chancellor of a laboratory after being quoted saying that Africans are less intelligent than westerners.

  3. should have typed “We have our own resident Watson…”
    Some converse with him daily; some on occasion…

  4. That may be so Mairin, but I thought the news item was interesting not because of Watson’s views on race but because of the altruistic gesture by the Russian billionaire towards an American scientist, and at a time when wealthy Russians are being blocked from travelling to the USA and elsewhere.

    It’s also interesting that this comes hard on the heels of the UK’s loan of the sculpture to the Hermitage museum.

    Refreshingly, Art & Science transcends nasty world order politics.

  5. Bernard –

    I sympathise, and I’d keep things going during the day but I don’t see a PC until I get home.

    DV has lost interest, some posters can coment on the threads all day long but can’t add to the front page and Mike Cunningham must be busy in retirement.

  6. This is a very busy time of year for some of us.

    Quality, not quantity.

    There simply is no reason to just throw posts up there. If a day goes by without a post, there is nothing wrong with that.

  7. Bernard & Pete

    Why should David’s blog turn into a pro-Russian vehicle just because that’s what you wish for. You can always start your own blogs with that purpose.

  8. Colm –

    What rubbish are you going on about? I’m talking about the lack of posts from others, none of whom are pro-Putin.

  9. I wish Usmanov would give Arsene Wenger at least £4 million and tell him to buy a half-decent defensive midfielder…

    I had a post written the other week, concerning two Asterix the Gaul books which have recently been translated into Irish. It included references to Gregory Camptbell’s ‘Curry My Yoghurt’ comments, the DUP annual conference and their opinion on an Irish Language Act, and some suggestions for Asterix names for some posters here. Unfortunately, I don’t have posting rights, and must wait on David’s keen editorial eye to peruse my offerings (Ooh Matron!) before they see the light of day, and, as David has been gallivanting around the world on his holidays recently, I was loathe to bother him with ‘work’.


    I did mention Putin, but gave no hint as to whether or not I am Pro or Anti… 😉

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