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This Police Officer does this:-




and then sues for constructive dismissal because he is ridiculed by his unfeeling colleagues, and gets





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12 thoughts on “Cause…& Effect

  1. And as his Chief Constable probably remarked in passing! – “That’s the way to do it! – no hard work, no tax, capital gains, or other wise, – good to see you follow your leaders example.”

  2. Touchy little souls arent they ..

    Bless em.

    Builder ordered to pay policeman £400 after drawing two penises on a picture of him and posting it on Facebook
    Jordan Barrack took the picture of Charles Harris while being interviewed
    Barrack was asked to attend the interview after witnessing drunken brawl
    He later used Photoshop to doctor the image and uploaded it to Facebook
    The builder was ordered to pay £400 in compensation to the police officer
    He was also ordered to pay £85 costs and £60 victim surcharge

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2552269/Builder-ordered-pay-policeman-400-drawing-two-penises-picture-posting-Facebook.html#ixzz2sT0ZPpxI

  3. These idiocies are not deliberate: it’s just a cock-up.

    Some, or even most, people who visit this site would believe the garbage which I’ve written above but until we realise that the system is set up to shaft us, examples as cited shall be repeated until we are broken financially and spiritually. In all seriousness, when you read of this case, what goes through your mind? And that is what is intended.

  4. This Police Officer does this:-

    They can call them what they like, but he (like an increasing number of his colleagues), is a violent maniac.

    This is the video of the maniac smashing the OAPs motor and no doubt terrifying him half to death.

    Of course, being a doughnut grazer he commits multiple crimes against the pensioner and his property and gets away with it. Like his fat, violemt, psychotic cousins in the US, he’d no doubt have got away with murder, just like the gang of psychotic killers who beat Kelly Thomas to death recently and got away with it.

    Those are the rewards of protecting the plantation owners, of being the Praetorians.

  5. Good grief.

    Policeman sues his police force for racial discrimination after colleagues refer to Romany gypsies as ‘travellers’
    Jim Davies claims Thames Valley Police staff call Romany people ‘pikeys’
    Insists the term ‘traveller’ is an offensive reference to his own ethnicity
    The speed enforcement officer is now suing force for ‘racial discrimination’

    Hearing: Jim Davies is suing Thames Valley Police over colleagues’ use of the word ‘traveller’

    A policeman is suing his bosses after colleagues allegedly offended him by referring to Romany people as ‘travellers’.

    Jim Davies, an Englishman of Romany descent, accuses police staff of using the word ‘pikey’ to describe other members of the Romany community

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2552362/Policeman-sues-police-force-racial-discrimination-colleagues-refer-Romany-gypsies-travellers.html#ixzz2sTuJMdXD

  6. I will sue you for posting that. Extreme emotional distress you have caused.

    I want Punitive and Exemplary Damages too, so don’t think that you’re getting off easy.

    Of course we can have an early settlement, in trade, at Jeremy’s Ale House.

  7. Let’s put a positive spin on this.

    Hideously expensive but one individual clearly unfit to hold any rank in the fuzz or have any power vested in him whatsoever. Has by the grace of God, Jehovah, Allah and Wolverhampton Wanderers left winger Jimmy Mullen– Peas Pudding be upon them….been removed from a position where he could do more harm.

    Now I would be heartless indeed, if I didn’t wish that he lose all his property to some Nigerian 419 scammer within the next two days. And that his present business didn’t fold in weeks.

    Toodle pipski.

  8. The man was on Radio 5Live this morning with Victoria Darbyshire. He told a completely different story to the one as shown in that youtube clip..

  9. He told a completely different story to the one as shown in that youtube clip..

    Gasp a Policeman LIED! I must report this amazing phenomena to MP Andrew Mitchell as he’ll never believe it. Who was it who said the camera never lies….and in fact it was a Police camera fitted to a patrol car that filmed it. Without that film I wonder if the fuzz would have simply fitted the pensioner up? Wrote up their notebooks back at the station together over a cuppa in the canteen.

    Yes Sarge. He came at us with a Machete and only our skilled law enforcement training prevented a very nasty incident. So we kicked the cr4p out of him and trashed his expensive car.

    Evenin all – Mind how you go lads.
    Traffic Police ….even the other police don’t like them..and my cousin was a traffic cop.

  10. Slippery slope

    Plod: I saw you smoking in your car Sir/Madam

    Driver: No i was not officer

    Plod: Yes, you was, I saw you

    Driver: I don’t even smoke, and I have not got any children in the car

    Plod: Really, pull the other one, here take these 3 points and a £60 ‘Fine’

    Drive safely now.

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