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To coincide with silly Earth Hour, millions of people will this evening celebrate human achievement by simply going about their business freely.

While greenies sit in the dark, normal people will be cooking dinner, going to the pub, watching a film or driving their cars. How will you celebrate the miracle of human capitalistic achievement? There’s no limit to what you can do because you only have to live your live as normal and avoid being the kind of mean person who regards themselves as ethical.

So my home will be ablaze with light in honour of the human miracle of instant heat, light and energy. The lights will burn at the flick of a switch, something almost all humans who ever lived could not imagine. The sky will light in honour of civilisation, markets and liberty.

Remember, it’s Earth Hour every hour in North Korea.

Human Achievement Hour 2010 is will be between 8.30pm and 9.30pm today.

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  1. Did you hear about the Irish Green Party? Their leader’s speech to the Annual Conference is on during Earth Hour

    The only dilemma is that his big speech kicks off live on telly at 8.30pm, the same time Earth Hour begins, when all good green nations will turn off their lights as a symbol of the need to tackle global warming. Uh-oh. What happens if people turn off the goggle boxes during his big moment? "Well, they may turn it off anyway when they see me speak," he joked.

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