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wirish120c.jpgSo who would have figured that that the Irish government and the EU would go to enormous lengths to suppress bad news that might encourage a "No" vote  in the forthcoming European Constitution Treaty referendum? Such a result would delight Eurosceptics everywhere, since if Ireland does not ratify the treaty it cannot come into force anywhere in Europe. An internal email from a British diplomat in Dublin let slip that the commission’s vice-president, Margot Wallström, had promised the Irish government to "tone down or delay messages that might be unhelpful".  Then there is the "suggestion" from the French that tax rates might need to be harmonised across Europe – an act that would kill off the Celtic tiger. Get my drift?

It is disgraceful that this collusion takes place and is a threat not just to Irish democracy but ALL our democracies since it shows how treacherous and manipulative the EU and its client State governments actually are. Whilst it is good that the Irish hold a referendum it is clear that the entire apparatus of the EU is focused on engineering a YES vote at any cost. 

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  1. Say it ain’t so. Who would have guessed that the EU could be so duplicitous?

    It’s not only this referendum that the EU intends to rig with the assistance of its lickspittle Vichy underlings in Dublin. It’ll be the next one, the one after that and every single referendum which the Irish government is ordered to hold, until the Irish come up with the right answer.

    We know it, because it happened before.

  2. Bertie should leave nothing to chance and get advice from Robert Mugabe. He knows how to guarantee the right result.

  3. Everybody has seen the memo so if the treaty gets passed it will be in the full knowledge that we have not been given the full picture.

    Opinion polls show huge numbers of voters have yet to decide. This referendum is still to be won.

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