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So where do you stand on this one? Do you think that US comedy sitcom Frazier was better than Cheers? I’m a big fan of both, and of course they both share Kelsey Grammer. On the Cheers side, we had great characters like Woody and Norm, never mind Sam Malone. That Boston bar became an idlyic watering hole, the place where everybody knows your name! On the Frazier side, we had the delectable Daphne Moon and the sassy Roz ([Played by sultry Peri Gilpin)! And then there is the wonderfully paranoid and pretentious Niles. It takes the proverbial out of psychiatry, radio and elitism. Seattle’s finest. It’s quite a testament that these two comedy series bridge from 1983 to 2004 – superb writing, great acting and lots of laughs along the way.

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23 thoughts on “CHEERS VS FRAZIER

  1. Frazier’s character was one of comic brilliance, and yes, he had the delicious Daphne Moon.

    However, Cheers wins. That it’s set in a bar with Norm at the end of it tips the balance.

    But neither were as good as the Vicar of Dibley.

  2. That’s a tough call, David-both were brilliant.

    Laugh out loud genunely good comedy. Although I think Cheers had more actual funny characters- one as hilariously funny as the next- Coach, Carla, Cliff, Norm…. ah good telly.

    I am an avid Seinfeld fan as well, and I hear that the cast are getting together for a few episodes of the last season of Larry David’s ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm.’ Have you seen these?

  3. Me too, it is hilarious. I love Larry David- including his politics 🙂

    I still howl with laughter about the Curb ‘Survivor’ episode- the holocaust survivor and the reality show contestant at the dinner- it was one of the best.

  4. Cheers gets my vote…the innocence of Woody was so endearing, I preferred Kirsty Alley to Shelley Long…that husky voice only surpassed by Kathleen Turner’s.

    Curb..is genius, alot of it is improv as well.

  5. Cheers and Frazier were both great and almost impossible to conceive of intelligent comedies on broadcast televison like them making it on now.

  6. I normally find spin offs very disappointing but much as I loved Cheers, I think Frazier pips it that the post. The "delectable" Daphne Moon didn’t have quite the same impact on me that she seems to have had on others ;o)/

    I think the character of Frazier was just more developed than any of the Cheers characters (and they were pretty well developed and wonderful too). I loved the Carla/Cliff interactions. I found it hard to take Woody playing any other part.

    Both wonderful stuff and superbly acted. Both a joy to watch.

  7. Cheers, Fraiser and Curb. Three of the best comedy shows ever to come out of America.

    In Curb, the episode in which Rosie O’Donnell appeared, that Larry managed to offend the lesbo community even though he is gay friendly was hillarious.

  8. It was the three-way pull of Frazier, Niles and Marty (the dad) which made Frazier unbeatable. The scripts were tremendous with the episode about the ski lodge being the most hilarious of all. For me, Roz was the most sexy woman in both series so, by a small but clear margin, Frazier wins.

  9. I loved them both Cheers for how pals-y it was , and frazier for how it was intelligent but never snobish.

    I’m not an articulate peron but I understood and got the humour.

    Lost its way when Niles teamed up with Daphne.

    The US Office is class so is Curb.

  10. Pete,

    ‘Vicar Of Dibley’ Sorry I didnt get it.

    Top British Funies

    The Office – Because it had heart
    Shooting Stars – Because it was childish
    The Thick Of It – Because it was ott
    Fawlty Towers – The Slapstick
    Keeping up Appearances – Because it was traditional
    Harry Hill TV Burps(?) – Its Rediculeous
    Fast Show – The first of its kind

  11. Frasier has really grown on me. I reckon that now thanks to digital tv, there is very little of it that I havent seen.

    Cheers sadly is not as fresh in my mind. I do remember sitting around the box with the whole family to watch the last episode.

    Top British Funnies

    Eh.. no list of Top British funnies could exist with out

    Open all Hours
    Only Fools and horses
    Are you being served
    Some mothers do ave em
    Monty Python
    Dads Army

  12. Fawlty Towers and The Office had one thing in common for me. Both were painful to watch at time. I felt so embarrassed for Basil and for Brent at times. Really painful but brilliant.

    Father Ted, Dads Army, Fawlty Towers and The Office were in a league of their own.

    I think VoD had some great moments but for me is not in the same class as these or Cheers & Frasier.

  13. We Yanks got British Comedy on Public Television, which is where Fawlty Towers, The Office, and other gems made their way into our hearts.

    Your Show of Shows, Ernie Kovacs, The Honeymooners, and of course Lucy deserve their place of honor for their pioneer status and wonderful actors. The golden age of American sitcoms included All in The Family, Mash, Mary Tyler Moore and The Bob Newhart Show – and I’d watch their reruns over most shows today.

    My favorite sitcom of all time was "Barney Miller", a Manhattan Police Precinct in which the dectectives deal with the madness of 1970’s New York CIty and each other.

  14. Have to give it to Frazior, I hated the charector Diane on cheers, but loved Carla. Faulty Towers holds a warmspot but no comedy was ever better than this


  15. Anybody else watch ‘The Sun Always Shines In Philadelphia’?

    And surprised nobody has mentioned The Likely Lads yet.

  16. Brit comedy

    Fawlty Towers – just brilliant.
    The Office – painfully brilliant.

    Father Ted – excellent stuff.

  17. The office is brilliant alright.. as you say painful to watch, but brilliant.

    I got a boxset of yes minister once for a present.. that was class as well.. one of those "Its funny cause its true" things..Never really got into Rising Damp. Black adder though, class!

    My favourite modern British comedies would be Blackbooks or spaced. Ive not seen the IT crowd, but ive heard good things of it

  18. I loved Black Adder too. I seem to be in a minority though as I loved the first series just as much as the others. I loved Edmund’s mum and the idea of one of the princes in the tower actually becoming king.

    The one thing that did used to wind me up was the unecessary historical mistakes in them, I have now come to the conclusion that they were deliberate and actually designed to do that.

  19. kloot,

    yes minister – liked it alot
    also liked the one with the guy who had a tashe and was involved in the french resistance

    best though, the office by a mile. it was a great comment on the human condition. brent if you picked his charecteristics one by one you’d say terrible things , but when you judge him as a human he was glorious , just wanted to be loved , wanted to be popular , wanted to be the life and soul of the party , wanted to be smart , articulate , wise. and he was none of those things. but he kept trying , kept going ,

    he was righteous , cruel , egotistical , petty , selfish and dishonest.

    but at his core he just wanted to make people happy , make people laugh , just to fit in. god bless these people , there what make life interesting

  20. vulnerbility , our faults ; this is what makes one human love another , if someone is perfect wheres the empathy , wheres the struggle. as a hetrosexual man i have to say i love david brent

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